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  1. I remeber when we could still spawn as a crusader, like in that screenie
  2. Cool video, still cant believe you landed on the boats!
  3. If you tap up (default number 9) it will go faster. Tap! dont hold.
  4. with all the lag in MTA, it would be quite im possible.
  5. ALL CAR CRASH!! Also, wasabi, your pictures need to be jpeg in order for them to work
  6. cool, if only i had GTA3 for the PC.
  7. guess it be kinda hard seeing that the wheels are 3/100 of the dodo lol.
  8. lol, great movie! this makes me want to get GTA3 even more also, great dodo flying skills
  9. yay, i got 3 members, making 4 in total in my gang!
  10. Yes i did that once, but i spawned ontop of the building with the dummys, and i was in the Tommy skin.
  11. alot of noobs were complaining that people cheated, but they were not cheating, its just the noobs could not kill. A Shame really.
  12. I like playing in the mansion! we would have a king of the hill game, cop versus all other spawns!
  13. some KFC member showed me how to get ontop of there using the "spectator" glitch. I saw alot of Vice CIty peds up there, and a sabre turbo up there also.
  14. The only action i care about is the "jacking motion." offering someone a ride, then finding out they took it.
  15. Atleast you got some people by your side
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