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  1. the days TmM was pwning the UK Group Indeed Azerlama....it was fun back then
  2. lol i dont even know whatr pogo the monkey is... ni9ce siggy Viser
  3. i think what they meant by HQ is there official Base...which i think we dont have any...correct me if im wrong
  4. nice i dont wanna be treated like a moneky...but good luck
  5. lol hope not... but who knows
  6. noo theres nothing wrong with it...i just reminds me coz they made such progression and died away....lol now every time i see sum1 say Untouchables it reminds me of UT, yes i am crazy - kinda
  7. can we please please please get this Thread Active
  8. Don't Mean to SPAM...but [untouchables] Reminds me of =Undefeatable Team= a.k.a =UT=
  9. I like my Washington, makes me feel like if i was riding a Rolls Royce Phantom..... I like the drifting of it tooooo *EDIT* any1 know why my Signature isnt working?
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