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  1. This would help you: 1-Uninstall mta. 2-Go to your start menu on windows desktop, and click on "search". Type "mta" in the search box and then delete all mta related files. 3-Now install MTA again. 4-..it should work .
  2. Very very nice trailer!. Nice editing, music and argument. Ill dl it when you guys finish it out. Good job!!
  3. Brand new Blue character. http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/5266/vcgoro2bu.jpg Lance-taro.
  4. /me noticed this : http://www.multitheftauto.com/support/faq/faq.php?category_id=6&cat_name=MTA%20Blue New/future Blue site? It says nothing we dont know, but at least Blue already has a site (or at least new) . . EDIT: Wait.. this is not new: I have never seen that Blue faq, so it maybe was postponed or something?.
  5. [Vicer wrote]: ...Well, i also may say im sorry for some stupid post i did a few months ago and for some stupid things i said then (i were pushed). I think you're the miracle that this comunity was hoping long time ago. I have read AMMO's entire topic and i must say you look like a programming-superbrain . Looks like Blue is progressing very well and fast with you aboard so welcome!! .
  6. Try this: In your mta client click reset game paths and reset vice city config. Also make sure you go to your gta vice city folder and find "TEXT" folder, once you re in this folder just copy all gxt files EXCEPT for american. Then paste them in MTA which is inside gta vice city folder. (make also sure u set your game languaje to english). Doing this you should be able to play mta.
  7. Im just asking for some1 to do them, not exactly the guionist , just some1 to record them and upload if possible or msn or what ever for me to add them.
  8. Thats what i was talking about man.. how can he ask for online experience having the mod downloadable and not playing it.. Of course im supossing you have some other gta copy.. Anyways you can see some good info at http://www.mtasa.com and http://www.mtablue.info, and looking around the forums (wellcome ).
  9. Oh, I see. I apologize, then. What is the online experience like, anyways? What about gta3 and vice city? Have you ever heared about them? Looks like you even dont have played the mod dude lol.
  10. I think this is just height and angle problem. If the camera would be taken up and turn down a few degrees it would be perfect.
  11. Nice job! It works cool, now you're able to lock the cam exactly where you want. Not sure at all about this but.. it dont rotates when cornering so you got to move the mouse to set it again? Great job anyways!!
  12. All the advertisements looks cool but they're useless with out sound samples...
  13. Just hit Ctrl + F5 and it will reload from host instead of cached version. It should work.
  14. Lemme say you guys rock gta absolutly!! I love you mta team!!!
  15. Great work MTA Team!! It's so encouraging to see you guys have already made it online (just in a week or so! ) So keep it that way guys!! You are the beft!!!
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