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st00pid things people have done in real life


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im always doing st00pid things ...

(im blonde)..so it kinds is natural ...

like i always trip over random objects (mostly myself)

i walk down the street and sing out loud :oops:

i awlays get places mixed up ..like i sent my friends to a beach 1/2 hr away from the 1 we were at ..cos i sed the name wrong :oops: lol

poor guys....

im learning dutch ..and i always say things backwards ...or put english words in the sentence ... or put a few random dutch words in wen im talking to my friends ... lol

heheh and i made this post to see if im not the only 1 who does some really st00pid things :? ...lol...

cos lately it seems like im the only 1 who does ... :oops:

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bah u act like every girl i know :lol:

stupid things ive done.... hmz

Well i always had A at my english lessons. But last year a new teacher came in and she wanted to teach us some crap (writing and speaking, lol :shock: ), so i was really pissed off coz we were in the last College class :wink: so i said to her "lay low hoe" and she gave me E, now i know it was stupid..... i should kill her instead :lol:8)

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E for exellent? lol

I post stupid posts somethimes

I once messaged to login my name at a server without the / before msg and everyone there saw my pass

I'm making flash about my stupid friend that is composed of stickman and runs at 8 frames per second

I pretend at school that my middle finger really is a MP5 and shoot my friends by pointing my middle finger at them

I could think of more :oops:

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Sand dune jumping.. watching some people already jumping, goes back to the 'would you do it too' saying.

Well long story short I thought the sand was gonna be a soft landing, it was like concrete.

Hmm what else.. I crawled into an old broken down barn and put my knee on a nail about 2 inches up and pushed down with all my body (cause i was crawling)... well since it was the flat head side first, i had an intresting feeling pulling that sob out, and getting a tetanus shot (with a huge needle that hurt like a bitch and gave me a huge bruise because I think the nurse did it wrong).

Made sledding ramps.. hit the ground pretty hard but did it all day, later, I couldn't even sit down. Going #2 was like having a baby. Couldn't sit down for a few days (even with cushion padding it hurt bad)

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Made sledding ramps.. hit the ground pretty hard but did it all day, later, I couldn't even sit down. Going #2 was like having a baby. Couldn't sit down for a few days (even with cushion padding it hurt bad)

heh, i had about the same after i was sitting 2 hours on the back of an ATV, well actually sitting on some iron shit and even had a backpack of about 40 kilos ><

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hahah well its good to see im not the only 1 who does complelety st00pid things ..lol...and d/w kenny ..i have forgot the / b4 msg wen im logging in to ...and ive done it like a thousand times :oops: (i think it is definatelty the blonde hair ...lol) i even did a st00pid thing last nyt ..on the way home from tafe .(college)..i hopped on the wrong bus ...i ended up like 1/2 hr away from my house :oops: heheh musta been cos i was so tired ...from sitn up playing mta ...lol

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When i was a lil toddler i was tricking my mum pretending to put my hands on the grill, i looked at her without moving my hands and laughed and accidently let them burn on the grill... sizzle. :shock::shock:

I was once standing on a massiv hill of stones and the hill sort of gave way, n i tripped n fell down n smashed my head open.

Was in the back of a m8s car and i forgot about my leg hanging out of the door, i left the door open :shock: and he started to drive off, so my foot got trapped between the metal and the tyres and scraped about an inch of flesh off my foot.

about 2 months ago i saw a shattered bus shelter window so i thought id jus punch it a tiny bit to see what it would do, i dunno why i had the urge. but anyway i punched it lightly and it fell thru, lucky enuf a cop car was driving on the road behind me at the time.. so they jumped out n arrested me before i had the chance to do a runner. left my girl in tears(sobbin whore) but again lucky enuf the cells wer all full up so they took me home and de arrested me, but i went out about 10 mins after i went to go find my bitch.

Hmmmmm... i can think of plenty more.. but maybe another time. for now im gona get sum sleep. i have mega red eye and my brain is spinning. :D lol bye. :lol:

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Lol ya pricks never give in.

posting pics of sum1 and their family when they r 12 -13.

I am 16 going on 17, and u lot. im off now,

but my address 5a church street eastwood nottz, ng16 3nh

pay me a visit

and also this is me >


N also again, have fun with those pics.. u sick fags.

Inabit Gz.

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