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  1. You're right, my mistake. But after all it's still illegal
  2. Where's the BMX? It goes fast when hitting the W button like a hyper allergic bunny on a coffee addiction, and it fits everywhere trough any passage (no i'm not kidding). EDIT: And what about the Hotknife?
  3. I think warez is forbidden in here. You can better remove the link or you'll get into trouble. But on the other side, you helped those people out
  4. ROFL you have never tried YAHOO MESSENGER i guess? I advise everyone just to DL the 10 mb's and try it,it is ten times better than anything else atm.TRUST ME But it seems like it doesn't have a s**tload of features. The screenshots made it look like a crappy old client which hasn't been released over 3 years or something. About the leave messages thingy: Would be cool, leaving a message with "I got your grandmother, give me 2 dollars or she'll pay the price!!"
  5. I don't hope so, gta is all about freedom right? Only a racing mode would ruin the fun imo.
  6. Oh god, the invasion of the IM clients. And this one is the most usless. I rather use Yahoo Messenger. BTW, Ya'll know that they are spying your conversations? That's why they made this.
  7. I never knew him but i really hope he's getting beter . This is such a terrible news.
  8. Now that made me laugh for 15 min
  9. Uhm, when i was leaving a "special" app on and left my pc for a while. I didn't knew that it made my computer crash after 15 min. I came back and everything was... uhm... blank. I donno what happend but i had to chmod all my files back to get permission to my pc since it locked all my files. And no it wasn't a virus, just some stupid lame hdd crash. EDIT: Yuk, seems like i've allready posted in this topic. Owell, my worst day just happend a week ago.
  10. Indeed, if you are under the 18 years and you buy it. they ask how old you are. Just say that it is a birthday present and they wrap it up and sell it . It doesn't matter that it will get a OA rating since the game allready has a AO rating in different places.
  11. I was using Mandrake(mandriva) 10.1 one month ago and i was installing the frglx drivers for ATI. I messed up the module and of course the whole kernel . I lost my homework for tommorow and my creditcard number. It's ok now, i've installed Fedora Core 3 and it works fine.
  12. Uhhh done something wrong and being arrested. Not gonna tell ya. A simple hint: tree on the road.
  13. white people who act black (wow, never been posted before, i'm so original) people who are rich people who steal my socks people who can afford alot of pizza
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