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  1. Shib

    Michael is back!

    Who the F UCK are you?
  2. I very much doubt it is a trojan mate. Otherwise the thousands of people that play MTA would be posted "OMGWTF" topics on the forum. Like everyone has said it's most likely a false-positive, did you download it from the MTA site?
  3. Only server that I've played on properly on MTA and I've adapted to it quite a bit. Thumbs up from me sir! (/corny expression)
  4. Once I get my driving sorted I'm going to come down myself, I speak to Jani a lot and he goes there most times now, though you'll be aware of that AlienX. Oh by the way, Jani shown me the pictures, nice monitor
  5. Shib

    MTA Land

    Shut up. Thank you for your co-operation.
  6. Okay, I forgot about this topic, but there's a new trailer out lol.
  7. Shib

    New GTAIV Trailer

    http://www.rockstargames.com/IV/ Longer than the others, looks amazing
  8. Shib

    Your MTA History!

    lol, thinks he's being mentioned worldwide, begger.
  9. Shib

    Missing the old days... :(

    Yeah in a car accident I believe last year, or the year before, can't remember. Been a while also Rival, probably don't remember though lol.
  10. Shib

    Your MTA History!

    Still partially on topic
  11. Shib

    Your MTA History!

    lol nah, it wasn't a clan for the latest MTA, it was from 0.3r2 I think or 0.4.
  12. Shib

    Your MTA History!

    Never heard of him. The TLR I was in was called The Last Resort. Until someone went and bought players and is still trying to make a multi-gaming clan as big as MTV, no mentioning names but I suspect the majority of VCES will know who I'm on about
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