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  1. [ULK]Crack


    Can I have stubby please?
  2. [ULK]Crack

    Your MTA History!

    I've been member of UA, KoQ, UK/DNA, ULK and maybe there was some more.
  3. Go Rebel, it's yo' birthday!
  4. [ULK]Crack


    What happend to MTA? Why players are gone? Aye, we're all dead or dying.
  5. [ULK]Crack


    YoYo meng, where have you been motha' foka'?
  6. No, all I need are old 3 button mouse and my favorite keyboard. Aye, I don't even play that mod.
  7. [ULK]Crack


    We're still alive, we're always around.
  8. Aye, aye, we're up. C n' Krix, tag will be "." (.Crack; .Krix).
  9. Sorry, eeezi's banner is even more ugly than previous one. So bring back the good old banners like you had on MTA:VC days.
  10. This comes a bit late, but happy birthday, Kent.
  11. [ULK]Crack

    My new mouse

    Very nice mouse over there Bishop. Also I had very similar mouse when I started playing MTA.
  12. Hey, you guys are up for some Iraq vs. Vietnam wars?
  13. Happy Birthday, Boss! Have a good day.
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