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    ok tit, good luck
  2. 14 million know bout mta? anyway, i dont quite understand wot ur talkin about.. but if ur talking about asia playing in mta leagues, ull have to find a league in this part of the forum, theres many.
  3. Still workin on that Any date set for this final?
  4. Shouldn't u give clans 1 base each until other clans actually have a base?
  5. heh.. good luck in the final guys. Kr!s if u read this get at me on msn next time ur on, i need the me vs palster vid.
  6. Scar

    ::::The SAAS ::::

    Good luck.. nice idea
  7. [FMJ]chode 1-0 [uVA]_ZzZ GG. Final: [FMJ]chode .VS. mfS_Palster vid will be up for the semis soon.
  8. whats happening with this.. anything?
  9. Tho this tourny looks dead, its still running and the final will be completed within 2 weeks max. [FMJ]chode is pretty busy at da moment, so playin the semi for him will be a bit much for now, it shouldn't be much more longer tho I think. stay tuned.
  10. Scar


    It would be good to have glue in mta, so that we can shoot ontop of roofs of cars without falling off due to lag.
  11. Scar


    fly bys or drive bys would be good.
  12. Yep, i forgot to say the request is for mta.. Due to lag. Its not possible to stand on a clan mates car and drive around doing drive bys by standing on the roof, it'd be good if we could.
  13. Is there a website for the results/league view?
  14. Excuse me? This is just a name for the tourny because it had no name. Are u blind are just dumb? i'll say dumb, coming into a topic and blabbing on about shit just to cause a 'net beef'. Nobody is angry at losing a fight inthis tourny, i've not seen one loss where both players havn't said GG and GL, if this was a tourny competing for the best spot or whatever ur talking about, then I would of allowed 32 players from all over the world. The reason why we have no laggers in the tourny is obvious, why should we shoot left 3 seconds before they even get there? Yes, most of us do know how to fight laggers, but none of us want to fight laggers. Pront, leave the tourny to its last fights and stop trying to cause trouble. And yeh, there is no way to determine the champion of mta, just like chode said... its just a name I quickly thought up for the last 2 games, seeing as the tourny had no name. (ek)TommY - who are u? and what is ur business in this thread apart from trying to flame Brulla? I take it this is one of the first guys friends, again, trying to cause a little 'net beef'. Take some advice, get out of the thread, this isn't for ur stupid flaming.
  15. Just for anybody that doesn't see.. FL Off aint allowed, seein theres alot of people that use it off.
  16. mfC_Palster 1-0 [uVA]Scar - GG man, good luck in the final.
  17. So its me + fuz vs jeze and palster tonight at 8:30?
  18. [uVA]Scar .VS. mfC_Palster - Tonight at 8PM GMT.
  19. A. Maybe we should just hang u. Q. Who agrees?
  20. Glue for veichles in SA so we can shoot from the back of a truck.
  21. Ok semi final fixtures released, good luck everybody. (See first page for details).
  22. [FMJ]chode 1-0 [FMJ]CptKr!s. GG. Semi final fixtures will be release later.
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