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Development Screenshots 0.3b

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the pucs are sweet. so, what i see from the pics there is no traffic and no peds which is alright (didnt really like killin the peds cause they don't put up much of a fight anyway). so is there gonna be cars parked someplace that we can get into? its looks like there is parked by the stadium. is there gonna be any boats? be cool to do some sea racing.

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now what i got from the thing:

a) there will be more guns.

b) you can see peaple do stuff.

c) theres gamechet in-game.

d) you can die.

e) you start with 100 hitpoints.

f) thers a dieing animation.

g) there SEEMED to be some walking animation (no?).


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I am going to answer Black_Dragon here in the same format, just because it is quick :)

a) Yes, there will be all weapons that do not require a special fire mode.

b) You can see people do stuff :) ... you can see them firing, driving, moving, jumping, dieing, etc...

c) There is chat in-game, but currently we are also plagued by the jump around while chat. We already have a fix, but it has not been implemented (and may not be for first release).

d) Yes, you can die :) ... it seems to happen to me a lot

e) Yes, you start at 100 and die when you reach 0.

f) Yes, there is a dying animation, but it is not perfect yet (is anything?).

g) There is walking animations when you are firing a gun (such as the pistol) in which you can walk / fire at the same time. The normal walking animation is NOT yet in the mod, but will hopefully be in future versions (not the first release).

Hope that answered some questions. Next!

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