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  1. Happy to see this still progressing, and I am sure there are others like me who continue to lurk while keeping silent. Well done guys.
  2. Cray

    Map editor

    It almost made it into this release, but a few unexpected problems were found just before release so it was removed. I can't give a date, but the QA Team is working hard on the editor, and it is looking really good. I am sure they will let you know when they know.
  3. Try this: http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... ver_Manual Most importantly, go to the section entitled "Configuring an external web server". In summary, if you are hosting it via an existing web server, which it looks like you are, then set httpdownload to 1, and the url in httpdownloadurl (you have done this).
  4. I don't speak in public very often, but I have to say to you that the developers DO read what a lot of the public has to say, and we do take it seriously. I won't drag this post on defending our actions, and I really hope people don't post garbage against you for speaking your mind (and probably the thoughts of many other MTA guys out there). Thanks for the post.
  5. Backup your GTA San Andreas User Files in My Documents, and then delete gta_sa.set in that directory. When GTA:SA starts, it will recreate that. I sometimes find that SA screws up the settings file, and then crashes on startup. Just make sure you backup so you don't lose any savegames and such!
  6. We were asked to do the interview, and the questions were submitted to us. We responded with our answers (new or not, is your call), and it was posted. Whether it was a worthwhile read to you is not really relevant, as PlanetGTA obviously wanted the interview in the first place. Hopefully, next time we will be able to deliver something new to you, and any others that this interview did not appeal to.
  7. You make an extremely valid point, and I for one didn't even put it together that we were saying something that would shine a negative light on what we think of other mods. I don't want to try and justify the response, since it has already been said, but please understand that it was supposed to sound more like a push to see different TYPES of mods, rather than producing the same results that we are openly targetting. I think with a variety of game modes that each of the mods could target, we could all co-exist together and have a huge fan base individually. Instead, we often (but not always!), have been seeing the same attempts by other teams, over and over again.
  8. Cray


    If we really cared, do you think we would have this forum? We do this for the community, and for us ... what others create and play is up to them.
  9. Actually, it says 'Mike is now known as You'
  10. Spykerc8 and the rest of the GTA-Online.FR crew recently conducted an interview with a number of the MTA Team which has recently been made available. A number of questions were answered regarding the upcoming release of MTA:SA and various technologies that we use throughout the team. You can find the English version of the Interview at the following address: GTA-Online.FR.
  11. That is our goal of the blog system ...
  12. You would be surprised how much people do not notice.
  13. We have toyed with the idea a few times or release development builds, but we have decided that the general audience would look bad upon them and amount of effort to support such builds would be horrendous. Maybe we will think about doing such things in the future, but at this point I do not see it happening.
  14. I don't want to say much because I am sure everything will take it as downing GTAT, but DB. did the same thing with VC so he can be labelled as having the first online multiplayer. MTA and as I have discussed with SA-MP will wait until we have something enjoyable before a release is made.
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