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  1. same here. I quit MTA for a while now. /:
  2. Death, would you happen to play subspace by any chance?
  3. wait for the second version of VC =)
  4. yeah but what's wrong with asking?
  5. same thing happens to me. I have windows XP on this comp and Win98 SE on the other one I successfully connect to the other comp but both me and my friend have a swat skin and after a minute I get DC/ed, connection timed out (wtf) No firewalls, no AV...
  6. as long as the system works, it's fine with me
  7. blokker, if you need help with french, let me know, it's my main language peace
  8. I like to pretend that I'm racing with other people and just pop out their tires and fly away after
  9. On the future chat client, add a button named "lauch game" that becomes available once you are connected to a server so you don't have to Startup\Programs\VC. I am a lazy bastard
  10. Will you release a patch for win98 SE ?
  11. I heard that if you play MTA:VC under Windows 98, it will not work. Is that true?
  12. Even better, no installation needed and just a click away http://www.whatismyip.com/
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