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A: Two or more of these: Jeffry Flake (born December 31, 1962), American politician, has been a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives since 2001, representing the 6th District of Arizona. He was born in Snowflake, Arizona (named in part for his great-great-grandfather, William J. Flake), was educated at Brigham Young University and was a Mormon missionary. He served as Executive Director of the Foundation for Democracy in Namibia and Executive Director of the Goldwater Institute before entering the House.

Q: Ever sneaked around shrewdly?

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A.im affraid the tissue has been badly decade and we need new equipment to examine it but our ship has got several plasma leaks cuased by a temporal destorsion wich made our deflector shield collaps and the deadly solar particles could enter our ship including a deadly penis

we have to travel down to liberty city kill some monkeys and then eat some pie cuz we are doomed any way.

Q.now where is that piece of :o we call a ship?

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