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  1. thx dude and question do i have to zip the map lol I know that question could probably be answered by reading http://development.mtasa.com/index.php?title=CTF but im not sure
  2. See one way is to get the x y and z right the way to get it right well there’s a trick to it. When you have admin on a server and in admin console you get the position when you open it tells you where you are. http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g221/ ... en0024.png http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g221/ ... en0020.png http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g221/ ... en0022.png That’s one of the ways..
  3. MaX_668


    yes that’s true but they should referee to it as a patch I believe.. crack is the illegal term cracking a game is illegal patching isn’t .. Correct me if I’m wrong
  4. Well you know what’s a good idea it your sick of votemode make your own server be a admin and fuck every thing ails shit i got sick of it now i own a server you can votmode but be sure not to spam because you will get a bad the servers name is "pRp"Tournament, ip( you can do what ever you want just don’t get on the admins nerves...
  5. MaX_668


    I’m not sure if you know but downloading a no cd crack is illegal there for I think this post should be ether added or deleted watch what you say (legal rights) I am sure some one can explain better then me
  6. and another question how do i change things in the map like is there a tutorial for it?
  7. o cool and do you know by any chance if its going to come with the map editor ?
  8. yea reall like tommy or the gta3 guy or some gta 3 mafia i love the skins from gta 3
  9. yea reall like tommy or the gta3 guy
  10. o yea voting it got me annoyed that’s why I made my own server where any one that spam’s votes gets a nice muse you guys can join our server there’s usually admin on.. And for those that like the server can buy admin and you can aloso send us your game mode pm me and i give you an email that you can send the mode to. We want to make people more committable in the server and make the server more fun for people. If you ask me I think that when the admin isn’t on cheaters have fun but not on our server. But because we all need to sleep some time ... we need more admins the servers name is "pRp"Tournament ip( You spam you get a ban (or mute )
  11. i would like to test that with you
  12. is this a problem in the mta:dm or in the game ones map?
  13. You can fin the info about this: arrowdown: there are topics about it use the “search" button viewtopic.php?f=96&t=21106 viewtopic.php?f=96&t=21292 viewtopic.php?f=87&t=21120 lock please
  14. MaX_668

    Armor bar

    i do agree with it at first it was hard to tell if the person got armor or not but the worst is to figure it out who’s on your team and who is not that should be changed
  15. the topics name should be " A list of tips and features that mta might need!! 5. trains they alredy did that people can't block each other on Hay mode. that would be useful 4. 6 passengers on a limo. i dont think that can be done correct me if im wrng learn how to count lol
  16. yea it would be cool if you could
  17. Ok that hay problem is fixed in this version and the /votemode and /votemap now there’s a different problem me and my friend own of the "pRo" Tournament server and when I changed the map to ctf-sewer or hay my friend couldn’t connect to the server every time he tried to join he was disconnected with a error 9 .. and that’s more then just this 2 maps there’s more maps that he gets kicked of off .. any suggestions?
  18. yep it would be... that mode is what i was waiting fore cant wait to play it
  19. yea but the pointis are theygoing to make any animations like that in the mode!!??
  20. and thats what kind of animations im talking about but i never got a respon from mta team about it
  21. who cars aboutthe videos hmm not me i m not really interested in seeing some one playing a game unless that person its me...
  22. MaX_668

    An idea!

    Requesting a lock here.
  23. heheeh yea that was it i just didn't think of that thx
  24. hello not long ago i got a new pc and when i installed gta sa .. works fine in single player but when i try playing mtasa race the server browser is empty i really dont know what is the problem ... but i also have the same problem when i tried playing cs 1.6 so please help me out hire and also even though i have the severs ip ( i asked my friend for one) i cant connect .. error pops out saying connection time out
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