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  1. got a fuck-load of crashes to start with, then i actually read the instuctions and installed the new version of directx 9, got 1 more crash a min after that, and then everything was great. (lots of maps wouldnt load on the race server, but that may have been an irrelevant bug) got the verification bug, along with everyone it seemed...
  2. i thought /give worked in littlewhiteys? maybe im getting confused.
  3. unfortunately, i believe the problem is exactly that. the fps does affect the speed of the game, play mta race and play on a server with lots of players, at the start of a map, watch how fast everyone starts moving, some are really slow, some a pretty fast. anyone who isnt the fast ones cant actually reach the 25 fps limit imposed. if so many are already unable to reach the limit, it would be unfair to increase it, as it would give those who can even more of a head start. if gta was designed with multiplayer in mind, it wouldnt work like this, but it does, and the mta team arnt going to rewrite the game engine now.
  4. A: good idea Q: if we pretend to be the astronauts, do you think they'll only find out when we fly into the iss?
  5. A: yes, but someone took my nose (it wasn't micheal jackson, his nose was the prototype for the nose model 'P', it was cancelled soon after.) Q: any trips to mars planned?
  6. A: leather!!! Q: did you all forget that im a robot since brophy ate me around page 100 somwhere, and i cant die?... and more importantly... who stole my nose!!??!?!!??
  7. A: ME!!! *runs off into distance with pies* Q: [blackmail]Will you do as I say, or or would you prefer to never see your precious pies ever again??!?!!??![/blackmail] MUHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
  8. A: Why yes, replace big with dick, you may be right (sad childish revenge is sweet) Q: I heard Earth was doomed by some comet, so shouldn't we get going?
  9. A: if that's him drifting off into space via the garbage shoot that was behind him, then it appears, yes. Q: do you like my new avatar*? * my avatar was created because I recently reread a Terry Pratchet book that points out that due to the transcendental nature of space-time and the reasoning behind chaos theory, it is impossible for anything to be completely devoid of the chance of containing nuts, nuts could quite easily come into spontaneous existence anywhere! and therefore it is our duty to forewarn those with nut allergies of the afore-mentioned danger, this, I believe is also the reasoning behind food labelling nowadays.
  10. EDIT: read post below mine, didnt realise the destinction between msvcp71.dll and msvcr71.dll
  11. A: dont worry, i just got here, i went shopping on the way, got clothes, milk, a pie jar with 18 key safe with titanium locking mechanisms so that we get some pie sometimes and, of course some oil for my uber-cool robot suit that i got when brophy ate me. Q: doesnt the ship produce pies after useing ham? or was that the old one?
  12. A: YAY! and adventure! we havent had one since the mars thing. Q: are we still fabulously rich? (who still remembers?)
  13. A: I think peanut smoke is probably even worse for him.... Q: you do realise he will eat the pies anyway, even if they do kill him. its more than addiction.
  14. A: no, ill make a note of it. Q: why were you digging a fox hole?
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