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  1. i have played it and its alot of fun. although i like the zombie mod for counter strike source more this is what i would like to see: special maps for zombie mode with lots of hide out places for the survivors(lol in css zombie mod often barricade myself in a small room with some furniture infront of the door and then when the zombies come you have to shoot the furniture or they will come in ,i often start screaming as a little school girl)LOL!!!!!! any ways maps cannot be too big so maybe purely custom maps would be cool. zombies need to have some extra power like beeing able to walk faster and way more hp. special zombie skins. maybe also zombie escape maps(this is when you have to escape from a certain area because its gonna be bombed for example) but not only that you also have zombies trying to zombifie you ,i play it alot and its rlly intense. <(^.^)>
  2. thanks well it can't be perfect
  3. hi there i just wanted to show some of my work i did ages ago plz tell me what you guys think of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktEY2Eh6TVQ
  4. haha LOL well i guess it would be fun you could create a gamemode of it called WHEN THE CAR IS ROCKING DON'T COME KNOCKING PS:i share your humor im NL 2
  5. LOL some sick ass sh*t right there nice vid
  6. might be lame but what i truly mis is weapons in freeroam alot of people had complaints about it. i would just like to go to an ammunation and buy guns and stuff so you would also need ways to make money im not sure but i think i have seen in some servers they actually have stunts bonusus enabled so maybe that would be an option or just give everybody a shit load of money when they start or give ehm a small gun so they can earn there money by killing other peeps. just an idea
  7. what you do is you remove the client.dll from Program Files\MTA San Andreas\mods\race the only thing you have is the map editor so you wont be able to race online
  8. for all the mod id's you can go to:Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data\maps\veh_mods
  9. go to single player /options/display you can turn it off just disable maps and blips and turn off hud mode
  10. true. BUT! maybe it would be cool if you could just write text anywhere you want like you can create a text grid anywhere you want even in the sky!
  11. he wants to be able to write sh*t down in map editor. atm you have to use objects in map editor to create some type of word. wich sux obviously so eh hehe ^^ good idea
  12. not much to learn about the shooting in gta the weapons are as accurate as a turd but the redicule is round and the bullets follow the line of the redicule they go in a circle almost like a gatling gun only slower just keep the upper or lower edge (keeping the upper edge on target will also make you hit the enemy in lower section of the body) of the redicule at the head. garantueed headshot not sure what you mean here if you mean you want to see where you hit people its already there it will appear in chat on most servers(the part of the body you hit)
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