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  1. I played mta 0.4 and 0.5 :\
  2. I CHANGE MY VOTE TO GTA 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if i could
  3. PhilRules


  4. too bad its not 9001
  5. A. you sir, have won the internets or about $3.86 Q. I did good back there didnt I
  6. A. Hardly LOL X 1000 : D Q. Finish the equation. Hummer H1 is equal to beast as Prius is equal to what?
  7. Come on for real guys! It has been over 6 years and we can only count to 335? Here's how you do it; bam
  8. I have a different problem, my server will not appear on the server list I am behind a router and people are able to connect but I do not know if there is a port I must have forwarded for the server to be announced to game-monitor and the browser...
  9. oh sorry, the game-monitor is mixed not the new game browser. i have a server but it is not listing
  10. Well, instead of lowering the draw bridge, could it be possible to allow a successful dodo flight around the islands without de-syncing the crap out of everyone when they come back? Or maybe just open the tunnel so only those that know can travel around...
  11. Catzilla for real?? Wow it has been a while. I still use MSN and AIM if you're reading this. Town, the server list is mixed with MTA-SA
  12. So is there no way to repair the in-client server browser? and... Could it be possible in SSV mode to have the other islands unlocked because everyone likes travel to portland whenever they get the chance. Maybe just have a few cars along the main roads that runs through Staunton and Portland?
  13. all you need is cars around the spawns anyways
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