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Complaints/Questions about Forum moderators

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Just thought I'd bring this back, see if anyone has any complaints they want to be made plublic, I know there are some of you out there, so go ahead and let it out, it feels good after. (but be warned, We will reply back ;) ) Or, if you have a question, (like say, gang leader status) You can ask it here so you have no more needs to pm the Admins.

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...I see this will be closed in the near future.

Curly, Give me a link and I'll see, i don't know if my mods stil work in that area though, they've been kinda off since that whole huge deleted thing from kung.

and for the most asked question : I Have gotten back into the Half life community a bit, mapping and having a good time playing a real game for once (no offence, but I don't crash every ten minutes :) ) it was a nice change of pace but I found myself missing you guys (oddly enough deathb the most ;) ) So I'll probably be around a bit more now, so there.

thanks xenex

Any REAL questions I missed please post em.

and people tyry to keep this seriouse someone might actually have something to ask.

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Yes, if you want to get serious, ^^ that's one of the two observations I wanted to make. Seems many staff members here have turned a bit too trigger happy with the lock button lately (or is it drop-down menu and Ok button? Always confuse those in the various forums :?). To a point, it's totally understandable, but sometimes certain ppl go way overboard.

As I've tried to say in the past, locking and telling ppl to just search for their question doesn't really help; members that have been here longer and remember the particularities of older useful threads (making it way easier for them to find those fast), should offer links even half as abundantly as they offer the "use icon_mini_search.gif" advice. I mean, if some1 asks you for directions and you know the answer, you don't just tell them "go buy yourself a map n00b!".

Point 2:

I absolutely hate people that just refuse to accept the added responsibility that comes with the extra power and authority they've been given. In short, if you're gonna modify some1's post (edit or delete), plz have the balls to acknowledge you did so (state it and maybe also the reason for it by leaving a brief note or something) and not conveniently hide behind anonymity.

Don't think there's anything else to say about that. How about that msg board commentary now?

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Well it was first serious as only 1 person had it (Iggy) and he was a beta tester. Then however major spamming came from every direction and it still does today from people wanting the rank because they think it means they will get to beta test automatically.

Well, the truth is that just lowers your chances if you're a huge spammer, but if you get there with legit posts and you don't do inappropiate things you might have a good chance to actually test once you get the rank.

As for co-tester as the name, I guess that means you test betas closer to release and test less perhaps. If not, just some bad wording.

Oh as said before, its people on IRC that have a chance to be selected, so if you're not on irc.multitheftauto.com in #mta, then it doesn't matter if you're in the forums for 2+ years and have 3000 posts, you still won't beta test.

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If your changing aliasses ,and still get banned somethign aint good with your side, i mean someone that hates you might ban you ( not that its allowed) just because they hate you, but if your under a different name eachtime and still get banned it must mean something is wrong . ( cheats ,hack , insults u get the idea)

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