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  1. Attn, mr. Malakai: Two of your old vids have been added to TGA's collection; you can find them here: Malakai - The 2nd Stunt Project Malakai - The Final Stunt Project That is all, have a nice day.
  2. Perhaps I could offer deeper insight into this... I've had this problem with a saved game of mine since January. I'm pretty sure it first appeared soon after I saved my game by accident while having used several cheats. That is to say, whenever I'd do something in a location that would trigger the Unique Stunt slomo, the camera would stay in its fixed cinematic position and the game would never go out of slomo after I'd landed and the stunt was over. I soon concluded the bug was savegame-specific and probably caused by something written wrong in the file (or gta_vc.set possibly), as loading other savegames would immediately eliminate it and it wasn't there when I played MTA either. In the end, I just had to delete it or keep in mind to avoid doing anything funky near unique stunt locations. More to its nature, from enough experimenting with the bug, it became obvious that slomo sends the framerate skyrocketing (100+fps even) and thus, could lock up the whole progress of the game, as many "animations" are framerate-dependant (the frame generation drives the game to a great extent); falling off your bike would simply mean you'd never get up again and it would also make your health indicator pulse faster than normal. If you were stunting in a car and it landed upwards, you could still do nothing about the locked camera issue, so you're damned either way. In fact, the only thing useful about that bug - and that's probly the only reason I kept the save for a long time (you can try that too netrex) - is that it overrides seemingly even more core events, like ending the action when dieing in an exploding vehicle and respawning you at the nearest hospital. Since during that time Hunter's "exploding" vids were something of a new fad that many enjoyed, I found I could drive up to a convenient unique stunt (like the one just south-west of the PCJ Playground sub-mission spawn location, north of WBPD), hit the ramp, escape to the menu to type BIGBANG several dozen times and return to the action to see me going up miles spinning and even type the cheat some more then. Replays from such feats apparently were considerably longer than anything in Hunter's vids and when viewed again were definitely kickass material for a try or two . But I digress... As far as breaking out of such a bug goes, surely a reasonable explanation for why Fraps seems to do it could be that by recording, it effectively caps the high frame draw rate to such a degree that it flips off a check switch somewhere in the game and lets it continue normally. Even more interesting however, is another way I accidentally discovered for doing that: steal an R3 car (squad car, VCPD van, ambu, firetruck - even a taxi) and go do a unique stunt. Then, when you're done and still trapped in slomo, hit Caps Lock to enter the car's "mission" and you should be able to break out of slomo! Of course, you can press it again afterwards, if you don't feel like driving drones around places or putting out fires. Seems like the text displaying call is a pretty powerful force. Anyway, that's all I know about this bug and to recap, there's no way to save your game from this plague, regardless of what had once been posted about deleting your gta_vc.set file in the VC savestates folder; that doesn't work. So just ditch the file and work from a previous progress point, or download a 100% one and be on your way, cause at this point nobody cares anymore if you've finished the game yourself or not . PS: For the record, I also have an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro with 128MB RAM and relatively recent drivers. Who knows, perhaps it's card-dependant as well... PS2: Sorry for the long post, but as some of you know, I haven't been here for a long time 'till recently (I returned cause of several good videos) and this particular thread hit a sensitive spot with me. Anyway greetings to anyone that still remembers me .
  3. If I was them, I'd keep adding a 9 after the decimal point every day
  4. Hmmm, just saw this. What are you talking about Bump? First time this happened to me was 3 weeks ago and like I said it was simply during a moment of carelessness. Moreover, I'm certainly not one to indulge in (much less start) immature games like that, so what gives? Back on topic, my point is you made a decision some months ago about the verbal freedom in the official MTA servs for everyone among the adolescent and (mostly) adult crowd that frequents there. In the end, it may've been just as annoying as it was helpful at times and it might've been a bit extreme. That's what I'm saying. Just try switching it off for a month, see what ppl think of it and in what way most take to their new freedom. I'm willing to bet it's gonna be far from the all-hell-breaking-loose scenario you seemingly fear so much.
  5. Unless you're asking the philosopher, I'm suggesting this for MTA, not GTAt.
  6. Thx for reminding me Gf. Pretty old Q I wanted to ask, but had forgotten about: How about enabling the direction keys during ingame chatting in future versions? After all they don't do anything when you type since there's no blinking cursor or something to move and it would save ppl from inadvertently doing stuff like rolling into the sea in their car while typing a fast msg. I've heard the stories .
  7. Shout out to Luigi for his Fallout 2 desktop icon (y).
  8. A prototype car-minijet was demonstrated some 8 years ago. I remember watching it on TV. Basically an aerodynamic-looking car with 2 jet engines sticking out from its back and 2 clipped wings. Only prob is, it was too fokn expensive to ever enjoy massive popularity. Just thought I'd let ya know. If you were thinking anti-grav, that's another story... BTW, I bet Tool_Box is laughing his ass off right now.
  9. Heh, first time I've seen the TCats insignia in this msg board. Looks pretty cool too, which also made me go check out your site and I loved your 256x256 ones even more. 256x256x3 is truely awesome! Hope you don't mind if I give that url around to a few folks . Why would you name them "tomcat" though? Odd... Anyways your banners seem simplistic and sleek enough for my taste, so I'll say good job on those as well. You could also try applying some other variations to them besides different colour palettes, see how ppl react to those. Keep it up.
  10. Newb admin on a power trip? Who are you kid, where did you crawl out from and who gave you the (clearly false) impression you're god? This seemed funny at first, but seriously now, snotty tits like that are the last things the official 10 needs...
  11. Actually replays don't always save the last 30 secs regardless of whether you've touched F3 or not. There seem to be a few "trigger" events, such as getting knocked down from your bike, which if should occur, the system will just flush any action before that. This can be a reason for a replay ending up shorter than 30 secs. Replays' size also varies (and that's one way to estimate how long they could be) in the sense that they can be of the following filesize format and only that: 100,000*x+8 bytes, 1<=x<=8. The reason for such quantization is unknown to me - and most others probably - but it's still helpful to know, right? BTW, This may not be entirely accurate in a number of ways. What does ALL players means? What if you're alone in a server? Would that suggest the generation of a 30 sec replay is possible? Does that theory imply a replay in MTA is 30/f(players_num, vehicles_num) (f being some function I cannot guess) secs long? If so why do they always seem to end up 5 or 6 secs long and almost never anything radically different? I think there might be a bit more to the whole MTA replays saving issue than just the players and cars number.
  12. Have you guys tried installing newer drivers for your onboard sound cards before you disabled them?
  13. Agreed. 2 weeks ago I absent-mindedly said "oxymoron" while talking about something in the 10 player official and guess what happened. And this is merely one of thousands of examples... It's time the "curse words" autokicking AND the msg boards post parser got ditched. Or is Bump the only one calling the shots all over the place?
  14. W0rd on Db's 1st post; my thoughts exactly. Also, I'll take ya up on that when I get my DSL back, count on it. BTW, no need to hide behind anything when a copter's after you. Better to be fast than yellow .
  15. I hate this blue "sticking tongue out" one: . I mean wtf? It doesn't even match the rest of them and looks like he's choking to death and his tongue pops out as a reflex move. Get rid of it and get the normal one back. Whose bright idea was it to have 645 emots anyway? Anyway, bad air day's decent and so is this one -> !
  16. You can even land 6000+ spins. Angular velocity isn't the main issue here, linear is. In my experience, in a <1500 spin you can compensate some for non-desirable linear speeds with weight shifting, proper steering and even through the use of the handbrake, but in anything say above 2500 degrees, it's all about the linear speed vector (where to and how fast). The only thing that can save a huge rotation stunt with a bad linear is hitting a surface and hoping for the best, as those can often absorb enough momentum without knocking you down, but most of the time even then you got some guessing to do (where to place a car for example and how to hit it once airborne).
  17. VCES server doesn't allow heli killing either. I believe it started out of fear of ppl playing exclusively that way, which is why such rules were set in the first place, but I agree it has gone out of hand. I know lots of people - even from the server's gang - don't agree with such policies in place, while half of those that defend 'em online with a passion do so because it helps plug the holes in their game. They tried and failed (or can't be bothered to learn how to properly dodge and fight ppl in choppers or speeding cars), so rooting for kicking heli-killers under the pretense of anti-n00b protection is the way they go. If you're not playing their ball game, killin with stubbies and m60s or spamming nades and mollies, or anything else they've gotten figured out, you're a "lamer" from the get go cause you're trashing their l33t self-image. With every heli kill now, the usual clichees follow: "it's lame", "it takes no skills", "anyone could do it", etc. It's pretty fu,cking annoying for one thing, and it's not even true. It takes as much effort as the defendant is putting up to dodge and it's just another way to fight and kill in MTA. If you're not careful, you'll mess up your wings and possibly die before you can bail. All along you'll be fired upon by a crowd with no means to defend yourself, but moving fast and using your rotor. In the end you got an offensive edge, but your defense sucks; that makes it a challenge. And it's a similar deal with cars, although the danger factor there for the peds isn't as high. Hell knows, it feels great to slice some poor bastard up and it royally pisses them off too, but do you seriously think stubby wars or anything else can't get equally obsessive? Anyway, IMO it's as much an art form as any other fighting style in the game and with ppl that are cool about stuff like this (mostly those that don't feel they got something to prove every time they log in), it's as fun as anything else.
  18. Glad to see you don't find SP "less of a challenge" anymore, rather "not the same challenge".
  19. It becomes as easier or harder as you make it out to be. For example if you're an admin trying to do that and say "everyone who tries to blow my car up will get kicked" it should be enough to clear the field for you - even get you some unexplected help from ppl who generally like playing the impressions point system game with serv admins. Or you could just have 3-4 ppl guarding your stunt area as you guys so often seem to do and waste everyone that gets close to it. Even more so, if you say, "some1 plz get me this car and place it there for me to launch off from" it becomes easier than SP. Also there's no police in MTA, so if in SP you accidentally hit some1 or a squad car and get a wanted star, that's yet another thing you'll have to worry about. Thanks for your opinion though .
  20. MTA or no MTA, gettin it up requires doing the same thing. Edit: Heeeeere's Whoopee!!
  21. ... or not. Which may be the reason why Bump did it the way he did. What do you think DS?
  22. Prokopis

    Pure Pwnage

    Bump. Episode 2 is out. http://www.purepwnage.com/
  23. This is great. Can you guys also place a max filesize and dimensions cap for avvies, cause some of the ones I've seen are just ridiculous, like 2000x1000 or 2,2MB gifs (if you don't understand what I mean by huge dimensions, just go to some members' profiles). I mean damn!
  24. Turret with limited ammo (as many m60 rounds as the player has) would be best for helis. And boats when the time comes. BTW have you guys ever looked into the police mav's pea-shooter-of-a-chaingun. Could that model be made drivable/flyable WITH the weap? In SP, does its script make the pilot the shooter (think there is a pilot involved as you can snipe him off), or is it something like the heli itself's shooting randomly close to you like the cops? Also what are that weap's stats? Same as an m60 with a decreased ROF? Sorry to go off topic, just wondering if this has been explored or not.
  25. Check out Jordan's latest News entry @ PlanetGrandTheftAuto.com. I see quite a few RPG elements slowly coming out...
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