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  1. OpiuM.

    Multi Theft Auto 0.5

    no glitches is fine, hell...its great! but the reduced damage is gay, and deserves to be removed.
  2. OpiuM.

    Multi Theft Auto 0.5

    stfu quig, im tired of bending over and taking it up the ass for nubs, maybe u do it often, but not me.
  3. OpiuM.

    Multi Theft Auto 0.5

    but still, the stubbys have been raped enough, accomidating to noobs, pfft.
  4. OpiuM.

    Multi Theft Auto 0.5

    use the search then, its not half life 2, its GTAVC, there are no NPC...now hush
  5. OpiuM.

    phpMTAS release

    i found a download and i will make it work...its not hard. though, i was acually trying to make a nice MTA NUKE block of it...
  6. OpiuM.

    I'm Back !

    noone cares, die jk HIEEEEE
  7. OpiuM.

    Multi Theft Auto 0.5

    now, lets all be honest.... is the netcode any better? bot wise i mean...
  8. i can join tho, right? yea rite, fuck u guys u suck and i pwn u roflolol
  9. OpiuM.

    Multi Theft Auto 0.5

    why does everyone talk like... thats just annoying and would make my obsessive compulsive ass quit MTA roflmao
  10. OpiuM.

    phpMTAS release

    sorry for the giant bump, but i wouldnt mind having this, all links are broken
  11. OpiuM.

    Multi Theft Auto 0.5

    ill watch that space..but..without refreshing...ehh be more specific
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