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  1. Does the MTA team have the capacity to create a "massive" mystery? Usually it takes entire game developing teams a few months to conceive one of those.
  2. Is there a MooMapper for GTA:SA? If so, go get that sucker and a mission builder, then glhf.
  3. Umm. Even with the amazing, world revolutionizing 'Blue' core, I don't think most of that is possible. Would be fun though.
  4. Seems like a cool idea, except like, in BF2, you can get out of vehicles and shoot guns and stuff. So, it'd be like a half-BF2 MTA mod.
  5. lol! How can you change clothes INSIDE a car? gg to that.
  6. Uhh, what's the point of saving your cars when you can't even get out of them? loller.
  7. Why do you need parachutes when you can't get out of the car?
  8. I feel like a dog and the MTA Team is ringing a bell at me everytime they mention Blue.
  9. In Blue, anything is possible. Except running around on foot. But if you want better car collisions, just find a mod team to do it!
  10. Google couldn't possibly have an answer?... It's a Windows Exception error. Google could solve this. In fact, I had the c000005 error ages ago and Google said "NO! UtopiA! NO!" and then it gave me the fix. Link: http://www.google.com
  11. If you drive a motorcycle, you take the risks. Shame this sort of thing can happen... My brother drives a motorcycle.... If I prayed, I'd be be praying for him.
  12. It's fairly obvious it's a competition. The teams may not think so, but for the gaming public, it's all about which is better. Don't even try to pretend that anyone in this community has any shred of dedication to one team or the other. I don't like either teams, but whichever manages to pump out a good MP mod and not feed the community spoonfulls of shit every few weeks, then that's the one I'll be playing.
  13. It's official. SA-MP is smoking MTA. Thought I'd never see it, but now I have. I'm highly disappointed with this announcement. I mean, I've always been disappointed, but now it's fairly obvious that it takes a hard-working team to get the job done. I can only hope SAMP doesn't decide to lie to the public and feed us shit for over a year. For those of you who read the KFC Forum, you know that my view is not biased either way for either the MTA team or the SAMP team. Good job, MTA. I'll probably be banned for this, and this post deleted.
  14. Well, previous mods were SCM related... I know they're not using SCMs, so I imagine that modding will be easier than SCM coding (since they're using something "better" than SCM's). So if you're familiar with SCMs, then modding Blue will be easier or similar to SCM coding. Meh, I'm probably going to be flooded with "NO WAY, IT'S A COMPLETELY NEW SYSTEM OMFG <3 BLUE" by the devs...
  15. Nice review but it could use some punctuation.
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