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UVA - Ultimate Vice Assassins


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UVA is a new clan, Formed on 13/04/2004 by [uVA]Sc00bY - (Kev)

We are currently recruiting and anyone wishing to join should speak to either [uVA]Sc00bY or another member of UVA, for details.

IP: - Ports: SA Race 22005 / VC0.5 2003 / VC0.3 2004

UVA Scooby - Clan Founder

UVA ZZZ - Clan Admin

UVA Mr - Clan Admin

UVA Endlezz - Clan Admin

UVA Tj - Clan Moderator

UVA Jay - Clan Moderator

UVA Dysper - Clan Moderator

UVA Umek - Clan Moderator

UVA Kevuwk - Clan Moderator

UVA Crayon - Clan Member

UVA Crank - Clan Member

UVA Kimosabe - Clan Member

UVA General - Clan Member

UVA Oracle - Clan Member

UVA Vision - Clan Member

UVA Spider - Clan Member

UVA Resurgam - Clan Member

UVA BLOND - Clan Member

UVA Creepy - Clan Member

UVA Andy - Clan Member

UVA Matt - Clan Member

UVA Furious - Clan Member

UVA NiNjA - Clan Member

UVA Mofoman - Clan Member

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  • 4 weeks later...

Ok Teenwolf, thanx for reminding me. :P

The clan has grown somewhat over the last month, 16 members now. Ive been pretty busy so i havent had time to sit back and browse the forums, but I would like to say thanx to all the guys who have had friendly matches with us, and hopefully we will be able to enter some official ones soon.

Also, id like to thank [FMJ]Oli for arranging about 50% of them! cheers m8 :D

Also anyone wishing to join UVA can leave a post on the UVA website



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  • 3 weeks later...

apparently 4 of our members went rogue today and challenged you guys without my consent.

this is expressly forbiden by the clan rules and it will not be counted as official.

if you guys want a match with us your going to have to do one through me or zircon. as normal members do not have the power to set up matches.

sorry for any misunderstandings but im still talking with those involved to figure out wtf was going on with them.

dross is just a member, he does not have the power to do what he did

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UVA scooby u should really update about ur clan growing and

ur clan war results, its tha kinda thing u do on a clan thread. lol

anyways i saw u guys on one of tha servers and there r quite

alot of u UVA members, so it looks lke there is really som hope

for u guys. good luck 8)

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