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UVA - Ultimate Vice Assassins


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UVA was one of the first servers I played, then it disappeared for a long time, then they reopened it. The reason I liked it so much is because I am a weapons expert and GTA:SA physics expert. I can imagine where I will land if I jump off a building, I can imagine where a car will land before I take the jump. I can also count in milliseconds in my head, so I have a good reaction time.

-- Clan leader of a basemode clan: K@N.

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Hlo [UVA]Scooby, My name is Hemant, my game_name is SkyraX. I want to join UVA clan. My previous game_name is |IND|_Hemant_^ which stole?. That's why I made a new one. UVA server is very nice server, I play in this since 4 years. 

I request you to joining in the clan. 

Thank you

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