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  1. Great recap, keep up the good work guys! Happy New Year to you all.
  2. the server is rented, so i dont have much control over the specs unless i pay more! The checkPassiveTimer function looks like it could be handy, i'll have to check it out once i get settled, for now my server is offline while i restore a backup.
  3. Hi, Thanks for your response. I don't know what is too much, as i said, the scripts i have that use the database haven't really changed. I suppose over time, as it grows, it may slow down and take longer to update. How long should it take to catch up? I'm not actually saving new info in it very often at all, but its accessed more often. I can try adding some debug to see what kind of usage its getting. it might be possible that someone has a bind, triggering something that it being called over and over. and if the memory thing you mentioned is getting filled up, that wouldn't help! Ill check it. By the way, nice job with the tutorials, I had a quick look over them, its nice to see the effort you made. Ill have a better read of them when i get more time.
  4. Hi, can anyone help with a server issue that has just started to happen over the last few weeks? I use various methods to save data on my server, some is with sql into the registry.db, the rest is by xml. over the last few weeks ive had this issue where if i leave the server for several days, i get this error. after this error, opening of any xml files will fail and as a result, when saving them, will wipe the files. eg: Does the database, registry.db have a size limit? I dont know what the going size is for a MTA database but my file is 13.7mb I have spoken to my host, who say I have have not exceeded any limits on my usage and they think it is a software related issue. My server is not new, it has been running for many years and these errors have only just started happening to me over the last couple of weeks. Any suggestions? The only thing i can think of is to add an auto restart on the server every 24 hours as a work around, its not really a fix though. I have checked my resource browser for usage etc and nothing appears out of the ordinary, no xmls left open, no unwanted elements left.
  5. Hi Hemant, Reviving this thread ? I'm aware of your request, see you in game.
  6. this will only get the upgrades added, which i already told you, all upgrades are added, i want to know if there is a command to remove all like removeVehicleUpgrade(vehicle,"all") - which i currently use and have been doing so since the start of MTASA. i realise i can create a loop to remove all of them one by one, and also that "all" still works at the moment, (with the warning it will give errors in future versions) is the "all" parameter of the function being removed from addVehicleUpgrade too? is this being replaced or totally removed? I guess this can only be answered by someone involved in mta.
  7. Hi guys, so im recently getting an error in a script since i updated, i use addVehicleUpgrade(vehicle,"all") to add all available upgrades to the vehicle, which works fine, but now removeVehicleUpgrade(vehicle,"all") is giving a warning saying this may cause an error is future versions, this used to work fine but i guess things change with updates, will i have to remove all the upgrades one by one or is there a new way to do this? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  8. if its solved then ur ok although, it wouldnt have collided with the road if the bike was ON it. since it would have just been flat land above the existing map so ur ball would roll at the correct height. anyway... as long as ur sorted then thats ok.
  9. u could always create another road at the correct height leading to the pins above the existing road then set the alpha to 0 and place your bike on the new invisible road so it appears at the correct height
  10. thanks guys, I managed to get it working using %A
  11. Hi, could anyone tell me what i need to do to remove non alphabetical characters from a string? im writing a script to check the chat players use against a dictionary, i would like to be able to remove the non alphabetical characters so i can compare them with my stored word strings. eg: if i have the words: 'how are you?' i dont want to have to add a question mark to every stored word, so i want to remove these characters before i do the check. basically i need to change the string "you?" into "you" and so on for non alphabetical characters. maybe this could be done using string.gsub? i thought i would ask here because ive never used gsub before other than removing colour codes and im sure someone could help me quicker than me trying to work it out
  12. i tried updating firefox which was already 33.1 but i updated to 33.1.1 which made no difference, i then updated the .css file with ur text, that had no effect either. finally i redownloaded the updated resource and it worked. so im not really sure why it stopped in the first place but the problem is fixed. thanks for your help MrBrutus
  13. Ive been using the resourcebrowser resource just fine for a long time (using firefox), but for the last few months, i cant scroll down some of the windows anymore. for example, if i have more than a screens worth of players listed on the scoreboard, there is no way to see who they are because there is no scroll bar to view the players off screen. yet theres a scrollbar in the resource manager tab. i dont know if this was due to changes in an update or if it is due to a firefox update issue. does anyone else have this problem or has anyone had it and fixed it? or ideally does anyone know how i can add a scrollbar to it? any help would be appreciated. also, i tried to view it in IE and i dont get any of the tabs at all
  14. at a glance it looks like line 50 server side is wrong. if source == tollboothLSLV or tollboothLVLS or tollboothLVSF or tollboothSFLV or tollboothTRSF or tollboothSFTR or tollboothLSLV2 or tollboothLVLS2 or tollboothLVSF2 or tollboothSFLV2 or tollboothTRSF2 or tollboothSFTR2 or tollboothLSSF or tollboothSFLS and dimension then try: if (source == tollboothLSLV or source == tollboothLVLS or source == tollboothLVSF or source == tollboothSFLV or source == tollboothTRSF or source == tollboothSFTR or source == tollboothLSLV2 or source == tollboothLVLS2 or source == tollboothLVSF2 or source == tollboothSFLV2 or source == tollboothTRSF2 or source == tollboothSFTR2 or source == tollboothLSSF or source == tollboothSFLS) and dimension then
  15. ah ok so this would mean that everyone has the same problem and its not just me?
  16. thats the same as what i see too. any ideas?
  17. I have a similar problem where i can no longer view the web map on my server, the above didnt work for me. when i click on the web map from the resource browser, the page changes but the map never loads. its been like this since i last updated. has anything changed or is there a newer web map resource i should be using? or are there maybe additional resources that need to be running to make this work?
  18. silly me.. yes it looks like it could be defaultstats resource, i didnt run it this time.. so that could be why. my bad the server is [uVA]RPG/DM Server, or should i say it was... my host lost all my files, i have backups but im making some changes before i start it again.
  19. ok guys thanks, i'll try it out and post back once ive tried it. its strange because my gamemode was working just fine without setting any of those before. he always had the gun in the right place unless i restarted the gamemode with people in the server. Edit: wow, seems to have worked, nice one guys. i wonder why i didnt need this for all the years ive had the server running
  20. no i dont think its anything like that, ive never used it before anyway.
  21. i dont think a picture would help, basically when u aim, the gun doesnt move up to his shoulder, it stays on his hip.
  22. dm gamemode: i have a problem with players aiming with rifles, when they aim the crosshair comes up but the players weapon stays down by his hip, and u cant strafe sideways while shooting. i used to get this when i restarted my map with people in the server, but after some changes, i cant get it to stop now. just curious if anyone knew why this happens or any way to fix it. i will try to find the problem but if anyone knows, it could save me some time. Thanks in advance.
  23. also: isPlayerInVehicle should be isPedInVehicle
  24. you would need to save the data with sql or xml so when u restart the server it creates the cars from the saved data in the correct place with the previous upgrades. its not a big job, just loop through ur vehicles on resource stop, save x,y,z,rotx,roty,rotz,id+ any upgrades, then on start, load the vehicles from where you saved them and create again with the saved data. so really u just need to make load/save functions for ur vehicles. this could just mean a slight modification to ur current save vehicle script... although im not sure what ur using now. all unsaved data is lost when the server is shutdown... saving is the only way.
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