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UVA - Ultimate Vice Assassins


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Regime, Shooter, Endlezz, Bruce, Mr, Bullit and ZzZ through to the next round 8)

a small one life only round will be held with each of the losers of the round will be held 2morrow and the 2nd round will commence :D as the other two matches left could not be fought due 2 various reasons unknown :wink: and so one place is left 4 the next round :twisted:

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Hey I heard UVA was a good clan...

And as my ex clan: (FKU), closed, I think its time for me 2 "re-clan'ise", because being alone - sux cok.

I'm a c00l guy xD and not a bad fighter. My fav. skins: mexican and robber.

If yall wanna test me, tell me when and where, im down ;) .


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