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  1. i love it in the ass. the 1st time was painful.. but i loved the pain.. being controlled that way.. was amazing!
  2. http://www.myspace.com/gunnypwnsu look here for better pictures of me
  3. well I wanted a redo because of what happened in that 1st attempt at 3rd round And how is the final FMJ vs RP XII is not out its is XII vs eather FMJ or RP
  4. and for the 2nd semi final match is [FMJ] vs (RP) I believe Sunday
  5. you didnt win the 3rd Round, reff called Redo ..im guessing both team agreed .. right. Stk Reluctantly but yes both teams agreed to redo
  6. ok I quit arguing XII wins end of the line bottom line stop arguinng here OH and can mods plz clear this up and just delete everything all the way back to my stating of XII winning back like 2-3 pages ago thx.
  7. the redo hadn't reason so it didnt count so it is 2-1 to StK no u can't just change the results..
  8. no, good think u accepted the redo so everything in that round didn't count so u didn't win.
  9. heck he probably didn't but we had no solid proof he wasn't pausing so he got the yellow card which is warning, if I caught him pausing it would of been red card. /me laughs when Mr. Bump sees this topic now stop arguiing ffs.
  10. its Up to u and XII if u want the rematch not for euna, now stop running up the threads pages. its over
  11. yes, we maybe lose euna but NOT that XII match u lost to XII unless u rematch vs XII and win that
  12. the log says just StK saying StK won that don't count, say if it was round one in n e match just cause I yell out we won doesn't meant that.
  13. lol no thats not the reason I voted it fair and square, if u were there u would agree with me unless ur StK sucks up oh no being in UVA had no reason for my judgement stop complaining, u lost fairly stop complaining its not UVA's revenge.
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