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  1. I was refering to the idiotic sarcasm.
  2. No need for negative comments.... If we didn't make it public he wouldn't know what to make better. Now eat a big can of STFU.
  3. Did I not say practice video? Jeeze
  4. Hey jack! Sorry we never got back to you on wanting to join. Keep posting on our boards and remind us!
  5. Gee thanks, you could've at least gave ratings...
  6. Hey, this is RR's first actual video made by RR`Blitz. All the stunts are MTA, none of them are single player. (Just a FYI) This is merely a practice video for him so he can get better. Give him some criticism and feedback. http://www.edgefiles.com/files/10698.html
  7. Damn, I've gotten 1900 rotation before. Now I wish I would've recorded it.
  8. I love foggy, dark, cloudy days. Perfect time to open the windows and play MTA with a nice cool breeze.
  9. Something from Rammstein. NOW! /me pulls out gun....
  10. Finally got some forums with a decent host. RR` Forums
  11. One would think that the firetruck could make it with the speed it can gather, but I guess it can't.
  12. Har! I have done the impossible! j/k (if you didnt notice, that pic is photoshopped)
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