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  1. In the next release of MTA:sa:dm will the Nightvision and themal googles be syced? Because I know the current version of gta rumble doesn't support it. It would be kinda nice in the dark places or even hiding to see the other player.
  2. /me looks at the list to try to find his name but can't see it!!!!!
  3. Hey, long time no see who ever remembers me LOL! anyways I got a suggestion, On brower server can we get a auto refresh once you click on browers servers or a option to? just a suggestion and what about favorite servers? we can't save them?
  4. I can't wait to try this mod it looks great already!
  5. It seems the mtasw mod site is down.... hope it is back up soon .
  6. The bowcaster looks sweet rebel, I think it is fine how it is. I looked on the todo list and I noticed most of the characters are finished. Is it possible to see some of them? lol.
  7. I would love to play this mod when it comes out, If you guys are still working on it? there hasn't been an update in a while and this mod has been moving quite nicely in speed. Keep working hard ! and good work
  8. Here is my cj and my Sweeeet ride
  9. what about me !!! Thnks alot I miss the Stunt Masters old days!
  10. k, it was not a ad what so ever and am sorry ... , anyways thanks .i got some other people to help I think. Well hope to see you guys around the forums and stuff . laters
  11. , Guess who is BACK in town boys and girls............. . Any whoooo I got a favor to ask from the forums. I want a free Ipod..... I now it may sound really lame but I want to know if it works. So I have no Idea how this thing works, so ... here is my linky thingy : REMOVED. I think you guys have to sign up, am not sure.. . But if anyone wants to help me out, I will love you forEVER! Greets to all my peeps, MAD_BOY MTA TEAM All the stunters and watch for a GTA:sa Stunt vid from me. Later
  12. I don't know if this has been asked before, but is there a gta3 version coming out...?
  13. DJ GTA

    MTA:MA Scripting

    maybe I should search next time... Thanks Xrc and Oli
  14. DJ GTA

    MTA:MA Scripting

    I have a idea for a script, but I don't think some of it is possible right now but anyways.. A clan RPG script: Using some code from the bank rpg script have one for clans, I explain. The admin of the server and other people can make there own vitural clans on the server and other people can join them (command : !create clan [n00ds] ) and who evers joins the server can join the clans. (an another commands would be !show clans and !show (id/name) clan . the clans can fight in a sealed location by using a !loc commands on a timer or something ( i have no clue) to check if the player is in the clan battle area. and the clans for fight for rep. this can be also hooked to grs and have the top clans the the webpage. also players can join other clans and leave them by using commands like this ex. !join clan [name] or !leave clan {bob} . but the player only can be in one clan at a time. I was thing the clan battle area would be ssv because it has its own little space. and if a player is not in a clan and they enter the clan battle area while a clan is battleing they get slapped to death.... well that s all i have for now, and i hope it makes sense. anymore ideas are welcome.
  15. Very nice, but is it just for vice city or will there be changes to gta3?
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