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  1. Gordy


    Trust, when I asked the question, they just blew up on me telling me to use the "Search" tool. Well, before I posted, I did use the search tool but couldn't find anything. It was at mafiasource.com
  2. Gordy


    Hmmmm... Mrantichrist, do you know if there is a Mafia 2 in the works?
  3. Gordy


    Ok, well, that's a bummer.
  4. And thank the computer gods, that this shall be fixed in 0.4 .
  5. Gordy


    I didn't know exactly where to put this topic, so please don't delete or lock, just please move. But I was wondering if the coding is almost the same as Mafia, because it would be real rad if you could make a multiplayer Mafia game. Is there any chance you would ever consider/in the future consider, or ANYONE in general consider creating a Mafia multiplayer mod? For anyone who hasn't played Mafia yet, it was release in 2003, so it's still fairly new, purchase it at Wal-Mart for $10.
  6. From a friend at a LAN party. We downloaded it, and played a 3 person LAN of MTA for about 3 hours. It was so fresh and fun. When 0.4 comes out, I will probably have this feeling all over again when it's not synched.
  7. no, we could kill eachother cause everything was unsynced..... damnit duded, THINK Dude, I am new to computers. Relax. I can't wait for 0.4. I am so excited.
  8. So let me get this straight, things are finally going to be synched??? And what's up with Stanton, he's making a Vice City MP other than this one? Sorry, i'm a newbie and I just feel stupid asking questions, but I like to know.
  9. Gordy

    Should I...

    Yeah, but why do I get neverending credits? It's akward... It just keeps saying "Please:" then lists through them all...
  10. been thinking of getting into cs. racism doesn't really affect me, i just am not racist myself. bitching them out is pretty much dropping to there level and feeding them for doing it. just ignore. but, c'mon, everyone's laughed at a racist joke before? lighten up. but i guess i'll find out soon enough when i get CS.
  11. Gordy

    Should I...

    No, I am talking about the Mutli Theft Client that you use to connect to Vice City, or if the client that came with the MTA (Grand Theft Auto 3) one. The MTA3 one has a little option the has 3 on each side (top says left side: SP GTA the right says: MP GTA, or something along those lines). I click on it, and then it brings me to credits that just scroll, scroll, scroll. I have it cracked, but I own the game. I always crack so I don't have to carry my C.D.'s and junk to LAN partys.
  12. Gordy

    Should I...

    Should I run MTA3 0.3 with Multi Theft Auto Client, or the one that came with MTA 0.3? If I run it with the one that came with MTA 0.3, it always resets the IP address and then brings me to Liberty City, but runs credits forever, and ever, and ever. It sucks! Will this problem be fixed by running it through the MTA Client? I would love to play MTA3, but it's hard (not enough servers), but I just want to play!!!! Thanks.
  13. Gordy

    Big Problem

    Whenever I join a server, it just erases everything i typed in and then says "Please" then goes through a million credits. I thought... why not wait them through? but then they just keep going and going. What am I doing wrong? How do you start the game?
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