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    Well I dont know how to use paypal, but if I had an adress I could send the 5$'s to by mail I would do it. I've been playing since the end of mtavc 0.1 and thats more than 5 dollers of play. If anything I think rockstar owes u guys money, in a sence, cause the only reason I bought GTA was for MTA, prolly with other people as well.
  2. Bladexen

    I need an expert

    I completely agree, if he wants to show hacking, he could probly just put it up there, and if he wants to point somthing out he can, but music? Funky Title? thats pretty odd. I was thinking that he was probly trying to get you back for somthing.
  3. Bladexen

    I need an expert

    sorry but I don't see edit button... http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/9513/mtacheatfc2.jpg
  4. what if you could genorate your own scirpts with map editor. It comes with a basic amount of Game type templates like. CTF DM TDM Infiltrate Ect. And for like CTF, you would place team 1 spawn team 2 spawn, where their flags are, you could place weapons, cars. And DM, basically spawn places, weapons, cars, gravity ect. and they could edit their map. Infiltrate. Team 1 spawn. Team 2 Spawn, and where they have to protect from Team 1. And every once in awhile MTA could relase Official Script Templates, and people could make their own.
  5. Bladexen


    I would enjoy if the chat had a couple of new features. Its just like the current one but in the bottem theirs tabs. The first default tab is Room Chat. Then there'll be Admin chat, where you can report stuff to admin. Then there will be a Priv Chats tab, you click on it, you see a list of priv chats, and when you click on one you must enter a password, or be invited to it with a script command. Then there would be a blank tab, when you click on it it has setting like the way you post a thread, it would say Title- ________ Welcome Message- ________ Password-___________ Leave blank for no password. And possibly somthing like. Allow people with their name starting with ____ so if you have a gang like with tags [ABC]John, you could put [ABC] and they're automaticly invited.
  6. It be awsome if you could make a "water" object, thats very challanging, but things I thought where impossible you guys did. By "water" I mean, like you can place water places, so you could make canals in the air. That would be awsome, Boat races with crazy ass canals.
  7. I'm pretty sure if GTAIV has very good online play, then the MTA Team will just move on with their lives. Get a well payed full time job as computer stuff, and we'll still enjoy playing GTAIV online, as they will, but without working on it. Haha maybe even they get jobs at rockstar north, making the online mod, for GTAV. And if not, they could make other non-online games online. Rebuild the GTA2 online mode, maybe (cause it sucks), I mean GTA2 is free and rockstar website, that'd be awsome to play wiht 30 people. And if not not, then they'll keep on improving MTADM, I'm waiting the release just as much as GTAIV, its gonna be huge, it looks extremely proffesional. We/They will have somthing to do.
  8. Well I'm pretty sure its possible becuase car models/textures are all in the gta3.img, and to change the car texture all he had to do was type somthing like "change infernuse.txt" or somthing, so I'm pretty sure doing "change ak47.txt would do the same thing.
  9. yeah I know, I'm just too lazy to change it on photoshop, cause its too wide for the forums. So I'll just leave it... For now.
  10. Bladexen

    Newbie Question...

    If you want you can host your own small server from your comp to play with your friend. It might have lag, unless your close. But there is no being on foot (yet)
  11. if you saw that video, you can clearly see that custom textures and models will be possible. Its so awsome I won't believe it till I play it though...
  12. What would you play first? (if you own a xbox 360 or PS3) This would really be a hard call. Either play online game with people thats totaly awsome, or play the new engine and game of the gta series. I think I would play gta IV just to see how it is maybe for an hour or 2 (I know its alot) and then switch to MTADM.
  13. I'm not sure how old the mta team is, I'm sure most of you are in mid 20's and some of you are older. But I bet in a job resume or somthing for computer's this would be good to say "I helped make a world wide known game modification, played thousands (I think) of people.
  14. So with the map editor you can lay out train tracks, train are also synced, so it'd be cool to be able to add trains on the tracks you place yourself, to make your own track. Imagine, the crazy trains you could make and drive on.
  15. I think it could be done like this, so with online radio stations, you can download a file, and it playes like a normal file, either, making it .mp3, and edit the custom tracks thing to recognise it weirdness, or just leave it as it is, and have it recognise how it is. It wouldn't take bandwith since, its just your computer, to the internet radio station, not your comp to mta to radio.
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