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What are you looking forward to in DP3?

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And overall sync issues like some vehicles can not be damaged...

That happens when someone dies near that car and does not respawn.

Somehow, this player seems to be responsible for the car, which also makes the car disappear after you drove somewhere and get out of it.

It just teleports back to the point you got in.

I think there will come more bugs when they enable alt-tabbing. Think of invisible players, you cannot see a player that can see you. (a known mta 0.5 bug)

Edit: But ye i like to have alt tabbing too.

I know that bug, but this only happens because MTA somewhat thinks you are inside a car, but in fact, you are not.

I bashed the whole FMJ Server with that bug once - since Grenades are synced, everything exploded, and noone knew why.

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- Alt + TAB in feature :D

- Scrolling chat

- Ability to change the keyboard layout (ctrl + shift or alt + shift)

- Support for other languages (eg Russian)

- Remove all intro at startup

- Synchronize the desert eagle

ps Sorry for my English

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1. You can't properly scroll the console to read old messages: when anyone writes anything, your console will be scrolled down, so you can see the new, SOOOOOOO IMPORTANT n00bish message and you must scroll again all the console... before another n00b posts anything, of course ;)

2. Almost no one in Italy plays MTA. (It's true, Italian SA-Mp players = about 20 times MTA players) Why? Do they hate getting no lag? No. Do they hate changing their client? No. Do they hate can not glitch at all? No, they can.

So... why? They haven't got a proper SERVER BROWSER. MTA is missing a LOT of players, that would love this client... if there was a MTA server browser OUTSIDE the game (MTA's, not ASE's or something similar). I'm not taking you for the ass (Italian expression, don't try to translate it :lol: ), almost everyone that I asked - call them n00bs, if you want, but there are 90% of players - after I explained every MTA's better thing answered that "MTA is HEAVY, and it has no server browser."

/if there won't be a server manager in the very next releases, nobody in Italy will join MTA/

/if nobody will join MTA, I will have no Italian players to play with/

/If there won't be any new Italian player, I'll hate playing MTA: it will be sooooo boring playing with myself (STOP PLAYING WITH YOURSELF, huh?)/

/so, i will left MTA/

/so, there will be even less Italian players in MTA: now there is only one Italian server, that hasn't payed his hoster for about 4 months, so it will desapper soooo soon. Bye bye./

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1) setObjectStatic() function... that's going to help me make some awesome gamemodes!!!

2) Even just basic pedestrian functions are going to open up fun scripting opportunities.

3) New camera system

4) All the tiny bugfixes that we've been waiting for

5) A temporary end to the lamers writing "MTA is dead!!!" when they haven't seen an update in the last 5 minutes.

All in all, I think the long wait will guarantee that some lame people will complain about "this isn't fixed" and "that still is bugged" which they will point at as proof of some kind of failure. However, those people would complain regardless, so ignore their comments and continue to enjoy this amazingly comprehensive mod and write awesome scripts for the community!!!

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I want to see more players for DP3. As we speak, MTA currently is starting to turn into the Mary Celeste with only a few servers commonly being played. Whilst SA-MP has around 5000 people stuck in a time warp.

While I think MTA is better, the only reason I play SA-MP nowadays is because, there are actually people there. It is rather sad to think that only around 75 people on average play MTA while about 5000 play SA-MP. :(

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