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  1. Ramboness

    MTA Dead?

    My IV game runs fine as well, but the graphics are shit and horrible. And it took weeks to go through all the bugs occurred on the release. So it was a big mess, the game is great... I have it on xbox as well so I've beat it before. I still hate how shitty the game looks, it looks like jaggy paint characters.
  2. Ramboness

    MTA Dead?

    I don't think somebody made it clear that we will not do MTA:IV. We sure could start it someday, more likely even open source from the very beginning. Blue core allows us to port it to other games, without rewriting tonns of code we got for the last years. Even if you're doing MTA:IV, how are you supposed to make a client for it? The entire game fills like 15GB, isn't it a bit to much to upload on the internet? Or am I wrong at this point.
  3. Good to see you're being honest, dude. I agree with your obvious facts.
  4. Is it possible that you can add skins from, cutscene.img, such as fam4, fam5, Bdup and all those, maybe? Or eventually a force mod skin, if you make something yourself etc.
  5. Oh bugger! So, not all get invited, aw. Well, anyways, I have a lot patience so i wait for the public beta. If there will be one of course.
  6. Ramboness

    Free Roam?

    Thank you for the translation.
  7. I don't really know how to LUA script, but i have a lot ideas for DM gamemodes. But I don't know if that ables me to join in.
  8. But does that mean you can make your own "Counter-strike source, HL2" , maps and import it into the game?
  9. I'm going to test it to, but the updates so far are lovely so I stick with MTA:SA. And I wouldn't put any release date on it so far. No one knows it.
  10. I bet GTA IV will be out of stock in no time, when it's released.
  11. I think I would do the same, because when it's out it will be purchased and out of stock on 1 single hour, so I'll stay with MTA and waits to it get to PC, because it's not worth to go down in a shop buying a PS 3 just to play GTA IV then I would rather wait to it comes for PC, to be honest. I can't agree with you more.
  12. It's actually very hard to fin a way to test your LUA scripts, but it's easy for the peoples that know where ther scripts are going. Just like MTA their scripts go to MTASA:DM, but I consider to start scripting for Gmod
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