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  1. Wooohooooooo, that's fantastic: http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... ePedUseGun
  2. 1. You can't properly scroll the console to read old messages: when anyone writes anything, your console will be scrolled down, so you can see the new, SOOOOOOO IMPORTANT n00bish message and you must scroll again all the console... before another n00b posts anything, of course 2. Almost no one in Italy plays MTA. (It's true, Italian SA-Mp players = about 20 times MTA players) Why? Do they hate getting no lag? No. Do they hate changing their client? No. Do they hate can not glitch at all? No, they can. So... why? They haven't got a proper SERVER BROWSER. MTA is missing a LOT of players, that would love this client... if there was a MTA server browser OUTSIDE the game (MTA's, not ASE's or something similar). I'm not taking you for the ass (Italian expression, don't try to translate it ), almost everyone that I asked - call them n00bs, if you want, but there are 90% of players - after I explained every MTA's better thing answered that "MTA is HEAVY, and it has no server browser." /if there won't be a server manager in the very next releases, nobody in Italy will join MTA/ /if nobody will join MTA, I will have no Italian players to play with/ /If there won't be any new Italian player, I'll hate playing MTA: it will be sooooo boring playing with myself (STOP PLAYING WITH YOURSELF, huh?)/ /so, i will left MTA/ /so, there will be even less Italian players in MTA: now there is only one Italian server, that hasn't payed his hoster for about 4 months, so it will desapper soooo soon. Bye bye./
  3. Has GTA4 any scripting ability? However, i agree on Mafia in Liberty City, IV doesn't seem to be a GTA game.
  4. Yeah, of course they will BE ABLE. But if you want a ped attack a SPECIFIC player, could you do it? There're actually too many "get", i hope dp3 will have something more.
  5. I was opening a topic to ask the same thing... Peds will be only dummies with a stupid IA or will they be able to do something particular, i.e. attacking a specific player with a specific weapon?
  6. Atti


    I've got no problems playing, i get 40+ fps stable. The problem is the loading time of the main menu, that is unusually long. Is there a way to know at least WHAT slows it down so much? EDIT: 99% solved. Let me talk with Tiduzzo on MSN and if it's ok i'll post the solution (re-install OWNz, however).
  7. Atti


    Ok, now I've noticed a thing. There's my friend that loads MTA in 10-15 seconds. He's got a dualcore vs my pentium 4, and 2 GB RAM vs my 1 GB. I dunno how is the situation abroad, but here in Italy a lot of players have not got a dual core. Could be this the problem?
  8. Atti


    Before the MTA release Blokker_1999 said that the ALT+TAB feature was useless because "a recent PC can load GTA:SA in 20 seconds". Yeah, it's true, you can with GTA:SA, but not with MTA. Or at least, my pc needs at least a minute / half and a minute to entirely load everyting. And then... you should select the server and wait, wait, wait. So, with MTA using internal server browser I need about 2 minutes to play, using ASE i need half and a minute. In SA-MP in 30 seconds you can play, and this is a great problem for the hurried italian community (perhaps they'll lose their taxi waiting 30 seconds more), and every italian server is sorrowfully EMPTY. So, is there a way to reduce a bit this loading time? Or at least can someone explicate me why MTA needs so much time to load? Thx.
  9. Download these 100 images would be less funny. ^^
  10. Atti


    You could set a value to getTickCount() when a player press any control, and then compare it with a getTickCount() when you type /idle. I dunno if it would lag.
  11. Please post the exact error and find the line of it. EDIT: addEventHandler( "F4", root, OnPlayerDeath ) This is nothing. bindKey(source,"F4","down",playerWannaSpawn) Are you sure that the source parameter is exact? If you've seen this function in my mode "Massacre DM", please send me your MSN and let's talk about it.
  12. Atti

    [REQ] NPCs

    What do you think of this: http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... _functions Could we expect NPCs in the near future?
  13. Useless page. I know functions, i dunno WHAT are sin and cos.
  14. I've got no problems copying that code. I just would like to understand why an x coord reduced by the sin of the radius of the Z rotation is placed in fornt of the player.
  15. These math functions are used to get a position in front of a player, by getting his rotation, i.e. for spawning ramps. Now i need them in my script, but i don't like using things that i don't understand, so can you simply explcate me how these work? Or at least what values should i pass to the functions. Thx a lot if you can do it, i'm really a n00b in maths.
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