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  1. In MTA sind auf jeden Fall bis zu 65525 Elemente denkbar (bei 6 Spielern). Warum nicht 65535? Weil die Spieler, die Konsole etc. Elemente sind. In SA-MP sieht's anders aus. Und für SA-MP gibts auch keinen Support von meiner Seite, einfach weil man gebanned wird, wenn man dort "MTA-Editor" schreibt.
  2. Best way to protect your resources: Put the important part SERVER SIDE. Done.
  3. Needs a survey to allow decryption: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=6775 Also I think its fake. I never made the survey since I don't understand moonspeak. Also, most of the surveys are illegal in Germany. Normally that means they are not trustworthy. DONE
  4. The teargas had a different issue. Since it uses an alpha channel and a lot of dust, I had to remove it from the game so that the players with bad gfx cards have less issues... Thats pretty much the point. Since a list of teargasses was less then the player count, I solved it that way. About the anticheat stuff: Is it syncro only, now? Can I have a look? In this case getElementsByType is used verily often, true.
  5. Can it be that water cannot exist outside the 3000 3000 -3000 -3000 bounds? Even setWaterLevel fails.
  6. Because the pod in the first line is faster than the pod in the second line. Do moveObject ( pod1, 100000, 1952.0166015625, 1419.140625, 73, 0, 0, 0 )
  7. Just a question: You have at least 1 GB RAM, at least 2 GHz of CPU... What does it matter if the table is 1 KB bigger? About pairs and ipairs: in a benchmark, pairs is faster than ipairs, but ipairs is sorted for sure. Also, have you ever benchmarked "getElementsByType" and the table yourself? Just let it run 200 times and check how long it takes. I'd still use "getElementsByType" since it is easier to manage and less prone to bugs. Also don't forget that calling a code each 300 ms is kind of useless. It just means that the LUA engine has more stuff to do, even though it doesn't need to do it.
  8. Sorry I stopped hosting them files. Lets see if I got the autoinstall somewhere.
  9. Hast du schon im Debugscript geguckt, ob die Resource überhaupt startet? Soweit ich weiss braucht VIO und anderer buggy kruscht immer irgendwelche Extrawürste, z.B. reicht denen die "normale" MTA SQL funktion nicht, und sie brauchen ein extra Modul.
  10. Es gibt im Spiel .ipl Dateien. Diese haben die "Map". Du kannst das Ganze dann manuell editieren.... Aber, wenn du das eh über den Mapeditor machen willst, kannst du dort doch auch ein Script einfügen, das alles entfernt? Dann müsstest du dein GTA nicht manipulieren. Ja, im MTA mapeditor kann man eigene Scripte laufen lassen.
  11. Compilieren ist für mich ne Unsitte, da viele Leute einfach alles verschlüsseln: Auch Zeug, dass sie einfach mit hineinkopiert haben und das gar nicht ihnen gehört.
  12. Wennste in die Serverlisten guckst, dann spammt überall die Homepage des DayZ MTA:SA mods herum.
  13. Wenn der Server dir gehört kannst du theoretisch die ganze Map für alle Spieler via Script löschen. Warum muss das ohne Script geschehen? http://lmgtfy.com/?q=gta+sa+map+editor Erstes Ergebnis: http://www.gtavision.com/index.php?sect ... oad&id=671
  14. That normally means another application is already using that port.
  15. Up to now I've been hosting a freeroam server with about 80-100 players on. I don't really like it, so if anyone does not mind hosting a freeroam server with a 10 mBit load I'll give him the whole server setup (excluding the databases, of course). That means you must host it yourself, and I will forward all players to you. Why did I stop hosting such a "successfull" freeroam server? First off, I host servers for other people. One of them, in this case Edd, had that Freeroam server, but stopped working for it so he simply gave it to me. Since there was a lot of players on that server which don't really belong to my community, I tried to integrate Freeroam a bit but totally failed at it. Also, I'm acutally an enemy of freeroam. Its a dumb gamemode I don't like, and I don't really care about the player count. I want to host (pretty much) unique servers, or self-scripted servers. Non-standard servers so to say. Only drawback is that you have to start all resources manually. But if you can't do that don't host a server.
  16. Nothing to do with centOS, happens on debian and ubuntu, too.
  17. Currently I'm hosting about 10 MTA servers on linux, and experience tells me that the MTA servers can be crashed by DDoSing the http port. That means: Normally the MTA servers keep running (and running and running) for ages, but once you attack the http port, sudden crash. Normally once the MTA server crashes, its completely gone. That means you can check if its running local array=( $(pidof $mainfolder$currID$subfolder"mta-server") ); if [ ${#array[@]} -ne 1 ]; then echo "starting server "$currID; stopup; startup; fi If its not running, it means it crashed. Now, about the port: If MTA cannot initialize the server doe to ANY reason (.so missing, port wrong, mtaserver.conf, acl.xml) it keeps running with the message "press Q to shut down the server".
  19. Shellscript: #!/bin/bash # # Minecraft Server Launcher # # chkconfig: 35 90 12 # description: Launcher for Minecraft modified to work with MTA # author: original Dragonshadow, modified by BigBadButler, stolen by someone-else-whose-name-i-won't-mention-cause-he's-not-important # # source function library SERVER_IDENT="$1" SCREEN_NAME="MTA_SERV_"$SERVER_IDENT GAME_PATH="/emul/ia32-linux/mta-servers/$SERVER_IDENT/" SERVER_FILE="mta-server" message() { echo "Server should show message now $1" screen -D -r $SCREEN_NAME -p 0 -X stuff "say $1"`echo -ne '\015'` } start() { if [[ $(ps fxa | grep $SCREEN_NAME | grep SCREEN | awk '{ if ($1 != "") print $1 ;}') = "" ]]; then # cd $GAME_PATH #ausführen von Screen um den Server zu starten screen -S $SCREEN_NAME -d -m $GAME_PATH$SERVER_FILE # cd echo "Server Started" else echo "Server Already Running" fi } stop() { if [[ $(ps fax | grep $SCREEN_NAME | grep SCREEN | awk '{ if ($1 != "") print $1 ;}') = "" ]]; then echo "Server not found or Offline" else screen -D -r $SCREEN_NAME -p 0 -X stuff "say Shutdown in 5 second(s)"`echo -ne '\015'` sleep 1 screen -D -r $SCREEN_NAME -p 0 -X stuff "say Shutdown in 4 second(s)"`echo -ne '\015'` sleep 1 screen -D -r $SCREEN_NAME -p 0 -X stuff "say Shutdown in 3 second(s)"`echo -ne '\015'` sleep 1 screen -D -r $SCREEN_NAME -p 0 -X stuff "say Shutdown in 2 second(s)"`echo -ne '\015'` sleep 1 screen -D -r $SCREEN_NAME -p 0 -X stuff "say Shutdown in 1 second(s)"`echo -ne '\015'` sleep 1 if ! [[ $(ps fax | grep $SCREEN_NAME | grep SCREEN | awk '{ if ($1 != "") print $1 ;}') = "" ]]; then PID=`ps fax | grep $SCREEN_NAME | grep SCREEN | awk '{ print $1 }'` kill $PID fi echo "Server Stopped" fi } restart() { backup sleep 5 stop start echo -e "Server Restarted" } status() { if [[ $(ps fax | grep $SCREEN_NAME | grep SCREEN | awk '{ if ($1 != "") print $1 ;}') = "" ]]; then echo "Server offline or crashed... Restarting" $0 start screen -X $SCREEN_NAME -X exec .\!\! echo save-all else echo "Server Online" fi } check() { #awk '{ if ($1 != "") print $1 ;}': Sorgt dafür, dass das erste Wort gefunden wird. Wenn das erste Wort "" ist, bedeutet das, dass die Liste leer ist. Oder: Der Prozess läuft nicht. if [[ $(ps fax | grep $SCREEN_NAME | grep SCREEN | awk '{ if ($1 != "") print $1 ;}') = "" ]]; then echo "Server Offline" else echo "Server Online" fi } case "$2" in start) start ;; stop) stop ;; status) status ;; check) check ;; message) message "$3" ;; restart) stop start ;; *) echo $"Use: $0 {start stop status check restart}" exit 1 esac exit 0 You need to modify it a bit, but: ./server.sh ./server.sh
  20. function MONSTER_INIT() for i,elm in pairs(aSkinList) do if elm[2] ~= -1 then local texture = nil; local iCounter = 0; while not texture do texture = engineLoadTXD ( "models/"..elm[1].."txd", true ); iCounter = iCounter + 1; if iCounter > 20 then outputDebugString("Texture loading failed."); break; end end local model = engineLoadDFF ( "models/"..elm[1].."dff", elm[2] ); if model and texture then local iCounter = 0; local bLoaded = true; while not engineImportTXD ( texture, elm[2] ) do iCounter = iCounter + 1; if iCounter > 20 then outputDebugString("Texture import failed."); bLoaded = false; break; end end if bLoaded then engineReplaceModel ( model, elm[2] ); end end end end end function MONSTER_DEINIT() for i,elm in pairs(aSkinList) do local texture = engineRestoreModel ( elm[2] ); end end Sowas? Übrigens: function pj_sultan1( commandName ) txd1 = engineLoadTXD ( "Sultan1.txt" ) engineImportTXD (txd1,560) end function pj_sultan2( commandName ) txd2 = engineLoadTXD ( "Sultan2.txt" ) engineImportTXD (txd2,560) end function pj_sultan3( commandName ) txd3 = engineLoadTXD ( "Sultan3.txt" ) engineImportTXD (txd3,560) end
  21. Ich nehme mal an WLAN... Mach mal nen Treiber-Update
  22. Download the latest RC and try to reproduce the crash.
  23. Do you use the latest nightly?
  24. /refreshall -> Fehler auslesen bzw. nochmal probieren. Vielleicht sogar neu starten.
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