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  1. Found the problems. I thought LUA operators were NOT like C++ and most other languages... I put the assignment operator instead of logical equals operator. Haha, fixing it right now. Thank you!
  2. function showLoginWindow() createLoginWindow() outputChatBox("DEBUG 1 PASSED") if(wdwLogin ~= nil) then guiSetVisible(wdwLogin, true) showCursor(true) guiSetInputEnabled(true) else outputChatBox("An unexpected error has occured and the login GUI could not be created.") end end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), showLoginWindow)
  3. This doesn't seem to be calling my function "showLoginWindow()". It's client-side and the script is included in meta.xml as client type script. addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), showLoginWindow)
  4. The question is who the hell are YOU? (As you had to ask me ^^)
  5. Some ppl do it to be admin maybe.. Now it's not needed i fixed my problem!
  6. Thanks but fixed it myself. PS.I looked there a few days ago didn't find my router in the list
  7. Fixed by enabling UPnP in the router I have only tried in SA-MP but it will work with MTA too when i have forwarded the port
  8. Hi, I need help because i don't know how I am supposed to setup the firewall, forward ports and stuff so I can host a server. My router is a (Siemens) Gigaset SE361 WLAN (I'm not using wireless on this PC.) If there is anything else you need to know to help me, ask me
  9. It's 2009 and still not released
  10. Do you know or are you a free hoster of MTA DM servers, then could you please PM me and talk more in private.
  11. Ok, thanks. Sorry for being slow
  12. Ok, sorry for the late answer I've had it hard with some buddies in a SA-MP clan LOL. Ok I could need your msn and stuff and I'll check it out someday
  13. Hi I just wanted to say hi, and tell everyone that I'm gonna be active again. I had a harddrive failure on the partition where my server was and it is gone now but I'm downloading my RP Game Mode to use and edit that in my new server Want help with scripting?, I may be able to help you!
  14. This would be really cool
  15. I just wanna tell you that i haven't been scripting on the server for long because i have taken a pause from playing GTA-MP mods ;D
  16. Yeah like i did, ppl help me because they don't need to copy and paste 100000 lines of code. I do the most stuff myself and get help by people with small codes and if it's big then they send links or just tell me how to do, try do like me and you'll get respect and friends. EDIT: Dude i think gamesnert is 14 and i'm too LOL you got pwned to death man.
  17. Am already using for skin. About the skin: I've been working on it. Green light! Or well... It works. I guess, doesn't give anymore errors and the GUI loads, so it should atleast be positive. But to go back on topic: I can do it in XML. I'll try it. LOL why didn't you think about this earlier?
  18. Mistake? i think he means that you have the same snippet 2 times in the same script
  19. Ok, thx i changed some stuff on the name kicker Now it works
  20. I was talking to him because it's harder to read code with that background
  21. Eh... Is that related to this topic? Well maybe that the first few REAL versions may require MySQL... But what exactly is your point of telling this? That i won't install MySQL 5times the same day adain -.-'
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