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  1. This feature is already implemented in the latest nightlies. Just go to Settings->Advanced->Fullscreen Mode.
  2. Seems like they just removed it from their virus definition database. Update AntiVir and you should be good to go again.
  3. Mr.Hankey

    am i the first?

    You could also create a page for this on the MTA wiki similar to this one: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Get ... _with_wine
  4. Mr.Hankey

    MTA Orange release?

  5. http://www.moddb.com/events/2010-mod-of ... -year-2010 4th place! /me celebrates
  6. "Initiative comes to thems that wait" -Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange
  7. Mr.Hankey

    LA Conference?

    So how did this work out?
  8. I wouldn't recommend using these sites for checking your ports as they don't seem to work properly for some people. (In my case they even claim that my http port is closed ) There was a small freeware-tool available somewhere that did this better but i can't seem to find it atm.
  9. Mr.Hankey


    Remove any other mods for SA you have installed (ideally by re-installing GTA)
  10. Mr.Hankey


    Try removing any d3d9.dll from your GTA San Andreas folder (where gta_sa.exe is)
  11. No, we don't and it's really not our resposibility to do so. Let me put it this way: MTA is just about as safe as any other commercial game that you play every day and surfing the internet with a common (and possibly outdated) browser is probably way more dangerous than playing MTA.
  12. That's just what Towncivilian did. Every new line in his qoute represents another anti-virus engine that checked MTA and out of so many only one (McAffee) reported it as an actual virus.
  13. Mr.Hankey

    Original Files

    It's even more easy to just install this patch: https://mtasa.com/GTASA-data-1.0.4.exe
  14. Mr.Hankey

    MTA vs SAMP

    Also note that pawn would be a serious bottleneck for MTA's otherwise so dynamic structure.
  15. 1) By pressing t. You can change this in the Settings->Binds menu though. 2) This is something that the server controls. On some servers for example you can buy dual wielding using in-game money and on others it's enabled by default. 3) The drive-by function is usually bound to the right mouse button.
  16. Mr.Hankey

    Few problems

    I'd still sugget you to take a look at these two tutorials: http://lua-users.org/wiki/TablesTutorial http://lua-users.org/wiki/ForTutorial
  17. Mr.Hankey

    Few problems

    What does the table/array you loop through look like? When looping through arrays in lua you usually use "for key, value in ipairs [...]" I don't know if you didn't specify a variable for holding the value of the current on purpouse but in any case "id" will always hold the key(index) to an array's field.
  18. I knew this was going to come up. I would like to say in advance that there were many who quite enjoyed the sight, and I don't think it's fair to ruin it for everyone. I can say that the events that unfolded lead to a far more fulfilling LAN party for me personally, and if you anyone was offended I apologize.
  19. Mr.Hankey

    Alt tabbing in Binco

  20. Also try removing any d3d9.dll from your GTA folder (where gta_sa.exe is located)
  21. Remove any d3d9.dll from your GTA San Andreas directory (the one where your gta_sa.exe is located)
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