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  1. ill start by saying i do think the stubby has problems, but what u have suggested wouldn’t help the situation, and uzi would make the robber worthless, 3 robbers should kill a Mexican, its 3v1 your gonna die. I really think that while the stubby is over powered when compared to other weapons I don’t think its out of place, the real problem is that so many servers don’t allow heli kills, spaz kills, I have even seen a sever with a no car kills rule. All sorts of things that are ways to kill stubby users are considered cheap, by default. The way I see it is people have decided that the stubby is the best weapon in the game and that anyone who kills a robber is either. a: another robber B: hacking C: being a “cheap ass, lamer, noob, ass hat” the list goes on….. It just pisses me off when a guy doesn’t think its unfair that his stubby is all but a one shot kill weapon, butkill him with a heli and your a tanletless noob........ I didn’t vote because I don’t think the stubby needs a “nerf”, we need the shit heads to stop acting like anything that can “counter” it is cheap.
  2. When ever I try to join a game in .4 as soon as I get to the point where I would be selecting a character ( the game has loaded, etc) I get “disconnected for suspected trainer use”. Now I realize that this is obisouly a result of some anti-cheat measure that you have implemented, and I support that 100%, but I have never cheated, never added a mod, never even looked in any of the folders associated with vice city other than the mp3 folder. The only thing that I can think of, is that it is a result of special exe that lets me run vice city with no cd. I would reinstall the game but I cannot find my install cd, or my run cd for that matter, is there any reason why my install witch hasn’t ever been modified would trigger the “disconnected for suspected trainer use” response? Is there anything I can do to fix it?? If is is matter of reinstalling I guess I’m just shit out of luck, maybe I can get a copy from a friend. Edit: also i was never kept out of a .3 game for "suspected trainer use" and was only ever banned for for my name.
  3. i would assume someone though u were speed hacking and banned you, sucks if u are innocent and cant do shit for ya tho.
  4. Adding strict rules makes for chaos now-a-days? when did this happen? i must have missed the memo.
  5. mta on xbox would be pointless, let them work on one thing at a time.
  6. I AM A FAN! MAFIA WAS AWSOME! honestly, i think mafia is a considerably better game than gta3/vc the controls, especially on foot are much more refined, in general the much feels more polished and doesn’t feel as stiff as the gta games. By no means do i dislike GTA, but if i had to choose between a gta and a mafia multiplayer game, id take mafia in a second. Anyone who hasn’t played it really owes it to themselves to shell out the 10 bucks, especially if u tend to like games that are more on the realistic side. you wont be disappointed. I do know it would be unreasonable to expect the mta team to make a mafia mod, i just want people to know mafia isn’t without its fans.
  7. 250 miles per tank is still over 4 hours between fillings at 60 miles per hour ya know. 4 hours is a lot of time. y does the price matter??
  8. You people do realize that the average car gets 300-400 miles on a tank, right? If u have an average speed of 60 miles per hour that’s 6.5 straight driving between fill ups, is that really and issue? i think it adds realism and that’s cool, but that’s me.
  9. The problem with that is that often the only servers with enough people to make them worth playing on have rules that u dont agree with. noone will join and empty server or one with only 3 people because its no fun to play, the citys just too big, so u get people (about 2/3ds of the mta users from the look of the pole) using servers that they dont like the rules of.
  10. I am considering setting up a server for my friends and i, mostly because we are all bored with the traditional vice city map, so this is my question. If all my friends and i have identical versions of the vice city install, with a map that has a lot of added on stuff, changed skins and modded handling/weapons files will there be any problems with the game (crashing and such) that would be out of the ordinary. I am not worried about it being fair or not because the only people using the server will be my friends and i, i am just wondering if it will work.
  11. i couldn’t agree more, all this shlt about "repetitive use" is stupid, when you complain about someone heli killing over and over and the go spend 20 minutes in a robber war something is wrong, the heli is no more or less a weapon than a stubby. When u make vague rules about heli killing etc IMO it has the same detrimental effect as if u just made a rule that flat out bans it.
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