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  1. can you downgrade GTA 2.0 or is that impossible
  2. Capture the Whoopie is exactly like this gamemode though
  3. would it have the same effect with an intel pentium D?
  4. lol lol lol *sarcastic laughter* but anyhow theres nothing better than the real thing for Liberty City in my opinion.
  5. Im just explaining that people dont need to be so desperate to wait for SA-MP when you got 3 others out there to try
  6. thats a very good idea I like
  7. we have 3 very decent mods to play while we are waiting. GTA Rumble : http://www.gtarumble.co.uk GTA Tournament: http://www.gtat.org and MTA of course so I dont see why there is so much rush to see SA-MP out, not that I am saying that SA-MP is going to be worse, just for the fact that there are already 3 good alternatives.
  8. it will tell you on that site
  9. just wondering for my own information
  10. it would take a lot of people to cover a SA map
  11. I was wondering if the map is going to be split up for multiplayer deathmatch because the map is far too large to play with especially on 30 man servers
  12. I would like to personally give my congrats for a good race mod. I just played on a server with a friend today and it was great despite previous scepticism.
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