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  1. Well I personaly would like a teamplay game over fixing all the crash's cos fixing all those crash's will surely take AGEES if u had a basic teamplay in the game it would make me ( and im sure others) wanna play the game for a long while and a lot of times. instead of 5 mins then bored. plus whos bothered about a few crashs if the games 20 times better, witch it would be and then sort all the crash's out
  2. look obviously im not knocking the people hard at work im just simply a little confusted as to what things they decided to put in the mod first and I know half life is nothing like GTA but what i ment was: when it came out, it was started as a team game. one team against another team now I cant code so I dont know the ins and outs but surely they could be done. I mean theres already teams.
  3. yeah thats true but they had time to add in a stunt mode and they already have teams in there its like they just havent done it right. surely they could of just made 2 teams quite easily. and this really would have put up the fun in the game
  4. There could be so much more done with the mod to make it better. As it stands u have an amazing game to use, but a half assed online mod. Look at what was done with half life and counter strike. ok great u got deathmatch but wheres the team play, Maybe cops versus robbers? u could have a capture the flag style play using money from the bank as the flag u could have a caprute the are style game with opposing gangsters Wheres the classic cannon ball run ??? that was even in the old gtas 1 and 2 and where the hell are the boats and planes?? please could u make the helicoptors icon on the map a different colour, spent to many hours chasing an imposible to catch icon plus as the game stands, no one goes on the first island because theres only one spawn point there (the cops). plus thats well annoying if your a cop. plus sometimes the spawn spots seem to be broken cos sometimes everyone seems to spawn from the same spot. Would cutting the map in half (taking an island off) help the lag problems, if so I would prefer it. and whats the deal with all the cheaters?? I dont like it that anyone can come in with any old mod needs more cars and bikes about The stunts things a good idea but needs more cars again and more jumps. Plus get the scores sorted out the scores in death match dont go in rank order, can we not in a round time. say 30mins. then it would seem like ya killing for a reason. are any off these going to be in future updates? But I am beggin the most importand one is the teamplay, it so much more fun driving around with another player. Teamplay is what any great online game is about. Plus it would be really easy to change that without needing much work.
  5. Mate your a star well done thanks alot
  6. if the radio is working im taking it that the sound card is detected plus the sound was working fine before i unistalled gta tournament
  7. ive unistalled and installed bout 10 times now it dosent help where can i get a copy of the sound fxs files, maybe they will help
  8. I cant get any sound fxs the radio works fine but no sound fxs please help someone it was working fine then I unistalled gta tounament and i think it has summit to do with that
  9. well i aint seen that anywhere plus I aint a little nerd that has the time to read everything plus it seems to work fine except the ping
  10. Actually it's technically 6. GTA. GTA 2. GTA: London. GTA 3. GTA: Vice City. GTA: San Andreas. If you follow Rockstar's awakward numbering system, then GTA:SA is actually GTA 4... AND HE CAN STICK THAN IN HIS PIPE AND SMOKE IT!
  11. thats PANTS!!! xp always get virus tho, evey time I install it it fucks withing a few days
  12. im on 98 but i i dont see what difference that makes, just putting XP on is about the only thing I can think of doing to help the problem unless u gots a better idiea?
  13. Blimey I've got 600k and I've never had 600/700 pings (although I was kicked from a server once for exceeding 250 ) What are the specs of your PC? MTA is a client-side mod, so its system requirements will be higher than those of GTA. Either that, or it could be a routing problem with your ISP (if the problem's only started happening recently). pc's fine, is amd 2500 fx5200 512mb ram all other games are fine just this, DOING MY NUT IN cos u just know its one of those problems that aint gonna be sorted best cance of got is to format and put XP on but I got too much stuff on my hd
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