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  1. I saw it last Sunday. Terrible. (spoilers ahead) The jokes got old pretty quickly, I could see them coming 5 secs before, the good jokes were all revealed in the trailer, and the Pamela Anderson plot device seemed really out of place if you've ever seen Borat on TV. The end was unsatisfying as well. Oh well, when I was there I saw a kick-ass trailer for Casino Royale, so it wasn't all bad
  2. So you're wrong because someone who's not on the team made up a date?
  3. Not sure how legal that is...
  4. It will not be released until it has been through beta and release candidate (RC) stages. It is ridiculous to expect it to tomorrow.
  5. Guys, the whole idea of MTA:Blue is that it can eventually be modded. I would imagine that this would be tied into the editor. I doubt the team would use PAWN though, so discussion of it is pointless. Oh, and stop the flaming.
  6. If we supported the patched exes, it would be legally questionable.
  7. Well, what are everyone's needs? There's not much to say at the moment. The team are fixing bugs, tweaking a feature we haven't announced yet and working on the map editor (which was rewritten from scratch btw). Once the feature has been announced and the map editor has been completed, we'll have a lot more to post about.
  8. I saw the original topic. I don't know if it's still there or not. Basically, we're in the same boat as SA-MP. Rockstar's guys are cool, but if they feel legal pressure from the men in suits they'll pass it on to us. They could shut down the project. Luckily there is a solution if you have a non-1.0 exe. There is an unofficial, unsupported patch that will downgrade your version of SA to 1.0. You can get it here: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=15151
  9. The blog IS doing its job. It says we are fixing bugs and that's exactly what is happening.
  10. It's not. That won't be in the first release. I'm not sure if it will be added at all.
  11. We have a blog for that. There is a large feature we haven't revealed yet, and when we reveal it, you will understand why it seems to be taking a long time. At the moment, there are lots of bug fixes and improvements being performed on this feature. Anyway, we recently requested another coder to work on the mod, so this should speed things up.
  12. They did not reverse engineer GTA, and the EULA makes no mention of making it multiplayer. People don't seem to understand. The idea is that you can mod MTA. You cannot add custom maps and skins unless you actually code them into the mod. But either way, you can't do that until the SDK is released.
  13. Unfortunately there are lots of dumb people in the world that believe everything they see and hear. However, the movie has made Western people aware of the existence of Kazakhstan (I thought they'd made it up at first), so it could have a positive effect on tourism there. I can't wait to see Borat next week. I heard that Will Ferrell saw it and was really depressed as a comedian because it was so funny. Brad Pitt wants to work with Baron Cohen now and there was a massive Hollywood bidding war over his next film, Bruno, so I'm really looking forward to seeing Borat.
  14. It should be ok... it won't affect gameplay because you can choose to copy all radio stations to your hard disk, so it wouldn't be reading from it mid-game. It'd just check it's genuine at startup and then never read the disc again.
  15. I play MTA:SA on a GeForce 4 MX 440 at the moment actually (temporarily until my new card arrives) and it's perfectly playable on 800x600.
  16. Vice City will probably run faster than GTA3 because Rockstar optimised the engine. Actually, GTA3 has a massive bug which causes it to draw things that you can't even see on screen, resulting in a performance hit. This was fixed for VC.
  17. I used to run GTA3 on a similar specced machine. It's not going to run ultra-fast but it should run pretty decently. You'll should get a decent performance boost if you upgrade the memory though.
  18. http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=16912 Took me a while to find it actually, as people tend to name their topics "OMG HELP MEEEE!!!11" rather than giving them a useful title. That's why people post topics like this, Robix and DerKeks, because the information is there but it is not presented in a logical way.
  19. Where are these estimates coming from? You don't have any evidence to support them.
  20. Not this discussion again.... No, MTA is not because it does not modify GTA's files. It modifies the memory space that GTA resides in when it is executed, which is legal. It also only works with 1.0 which was released before Rockstar took an anti-mod stance. And even if it were not, two wrongs wouldn't make a right.
  21. I think it would have been better to link to the changelog rather than posting it in its entirity.
  22. It's happened many times before, so the team stopped giving out dates.
  23. orappa


    Beta testers are privvy to builds of the game and information that has not been released to the public yet. They could cause a lot of damage by releasing these to the public. There's no official length of time that you have to be a member of the community, but you would need to become well-known and familiar within the community as someone who is trustworthy. Beta testers need to be prepared to visit IRC frequently. In fact, visiting IRC is a good way to get yourself known. We are also looking for dedicated people who are willing and able to put time into finding bugs, not people who just want to play the game to see what it's like.
  24. Good to hear, I was hoping to be wrong. So in that case how long was race in beta or 'semi-public beta'? Can't remember... I think it was about 2-3 weeks.
  25. I agree. Could you let me know which topic this is in reference to?
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