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    Whats next?

    Well, most likely some bugs will creep into the release, so they will be fixed first. Then some features will be added that were pushed back from the first release. After then, who knows? The first release has most single player elements synced, but not all of them.
  2. Let's see if it works first
  3. I ran GTA3 on a similar setup with no problems. VC is actually faster than GTA3 because they optimised the engine. I very much doubt that SA will run. Btw, don't expect to play these games at high resolutions with your setup.
  4. The NIC is often overlooked. I remember that a couple of games would freeze and disconnect me from the internet when they tried to connect to a server. I got a new NIC and they worked just fine.
  5. I'm not sure if we ever found out what caused this problem, but I believe GameMonitor offers mtasa:// links that you can click on to directly connect to servers.
  6. 6. That will always be a problem because GTA only allows a certain number of objects on screen at once.
  7. orappa

    Mta DM

    We don't know what the final player count will be.
  8. orappa

    An update! (by eAi)

    It wouldn't work with DM. There were some major structural changes.
  9. orappa

    An update! (by eAi)

    None of us know how long it will take. Speculating will get you nowhere.
  10. orappa

    An update! (by eAi)

    I think it was about a month, but that was with a more active team.
  11. Hi everyone, I thought I'd just write a quick update so that you know what we're up to and answer a number of questions. The first question on everyone's mind is: Why the hell is it taking so long? The answer is a number of things: - Firstly, a few team members have had other things more important to do in Real Life. Its a sad fact of this kind of mod development that people come and go often with little warning. This has had quite a big impact on the development, but we've brought in some new people over the last few months and hopefully this will help things along faster. - Secondly, we have, in a way, bitten off more than we expected with this release. We could have done a quick and dirty release, but we decided (perhaps mistakenly) to go full out on our first release. With a more active team this was reasonable, but with hindsight, perhaps a Bad Thing. Either way, we're here now and we're doing our best to get things out. - Thirdly, we've encountered a couple of major bugs that affect shooting, these are hard to solve, although certainly possible - we've not put a huge amount of time into looking for fixes yet, but they're annoying. What are we doing now then? Well, we've pretty much finished DM apart from a number of known issues. We're now working on making the editor for DM. Why not release without an editor? Part of what made MTA:Race so popular was the editor, and we feel that it'd be very hard to make even a beta release without some form of an editor. We've discussed this in team and with our QA team and we've agreed that we need an editor of some form. As such we are making an editor as fast as we can as I write this. Obviously, we can't give any estimates for when this will be done, but be sure it will be as fast as is possible. What about doing public beta before with the major bugs in? We're unsure about this. We've always tried to get rid of any know bugs in our releases and we feel major bugs (e.g. some weapons not working correctly) should be removed before we make any form of release. Even though we call every release a beta release, we still get much criticism about bugs that exist in the releases. We're open to your views on this, of course - would you mind playing a beta version that had a number of major bugs? We want to get this out ASAP too! How will we release? We intend to do a limited public beta of some sort as soon as the editor has been through some basic alpha testing in the QA team. Please do not ask to join our testing team or the public beta - we'll post here if we're looking for testers. How about cutting some features/corners? Well, we've cut quite a number of fairly minor features that would have taken a long time to implement already, and can't really cut any more. We've got a very close eye on "feature creep" to make sure no time is spent on new features. As to cutting corners, we'd rather not. Every time we cut a corner we'll have to come back to it later and hence delay any future versions. This release has been designed from the ground up with extendability in mind, so, hopefully future releases will be considerably closer together (I know we've said this before). We are very sorry that it is taking us so long to get this release out, we've put years of work into MTA so the extended development time annoys us as much as it does the community. Finally, we do still have a number of features to show off - so watch this space! We'd like to thank everyone for their support and patience.
  12. Yeah, this one is known about. http://www.mtavc.com/docu/index.php/Press_Coverage
  13. orappa


    Bots wouldn't take up more bandwidth than a player. The main problem is getting the bots to recognise their environment. The server cannot see the map so it doesn't know if the bots are walking on the street or straight through a building. Only the clients know where the collisions are.
  14. It was changed, I can't remember what it was changed to though.
  15. orappa


    From what I can gather, all it does is gets past a NAT on the router that the server is running on. I don't see how it would affect ping, and it would only be useful for people running servers on their home PCs.
  16. orappa

    help finding servers

    0/0 sounds like a firewall problem. I mean, why would someone host a server with 0 player slots?
  17. It's playable but it crashes and there are several glitches that currently exist.
  18. Actually, the mod is in alpha stage. I think you mean beta. Proof of what the SDK can do can be seen in Race and what you've seen of DM so far.
  19. He means a button so that you can view all posts in a topic at once, instead of having them paginated.
  20. Actually, I was saying that no-one on the team said it *wouldn't* be before New Year, so why change your estimate to April?
  21. Oh, I wasn't offended at all, I just didn't find it funny. I thought it would be hilarious and had hyped it up in my head and I just ended up disappointed.
  22. beta = invitation only rc = probably invitation only
  23. Stop the flaming. No more flaming from this point onwards.
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