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  1. It's particularly necessary in Race, as people with faster computers will find it easier to win than people with slower ones. Putting the limiter on levels the playing field somewhat.
  2. orappa

    Whats next?

    I'd like to see it. The question though, is that it will take a lot of work, so will enough people in the community play it to make it worthwhile?
  3. orappa

    The All Seeing Eye

    http://www.multitheftauto.com/dl-archive.php Click on the link for MTA 0.5.
  4. Don't forget that MTA activates the frame limiter.
  5. What happens if someone parks a car in the middle of their route? What if someone hits a lamppost and knocks it into their path?
  6. I think he may be referring to deathmatch, which hasn't been released yet.
  7. The screenshots are for the deathmatch mod that is currently in development. The current release is racing-only.
  8. It's not that we're trying to dodge the issue, it's just that time is tight. A lot of the developers have been busy with real life lately, and the mod hasn't really progressed as well as we'd have liked (several features were pushed to the next release). I think it's better to release a version earlier that the majority of people can play, rather than delay the whole mod to benefit a small proportion. You are assuming that Vista support will be easy, but it could require some major changes. I don't know what MS has done under the hood, but MTA modifies the memory of GTA, and they may have put limits on this to prevent viruses injecting code into running programs (the source of many problems with XP).
  9. The MTA team can't get it working on Vista because no-one on the team has access to the beta. Our priority is whatever the majority of our userbase uses, and at the moment that is Windows XP. The team isn't going to spend time trying to get MTA to work on an unreleased operating system, because it is likely that major changes could still be made (ship dates can change).
  10. orappa

    Whats next?

    I think Rockstar's multiplayer would stick very much to the core gameplay of GTA 4, whereas MTA's has a map editor that you can use to create your own game modes and maps. I doubt GTA 4 will have this functionality, so I could see the two co-existing.
  11. Really? Are they not counted as peds then?
  12. You can play as any character from single player, but you can only change CJ's clothes. The other characters have fixed clothing.
  13. orappa

    Well then

    That's really weird. Does it remember your settings when you quit the game? Maybe it can't write one because your My Documents folder is read-only perhaps?
  14. Couldn't you switch on the "no-clipping" cheat and use that to take a screenshot from above?
  15. He did leave for a while, due to the fact that he tried to set up a clan and n-one could stand being around him, so it turned into a one-man clan. I really don't care about his opinion, he's just trying to stir up trouble. I'm going to lock this thread.
  16. There is a way of taking advantage of it, hence why it was introduced in the first place. Setting it to 75 would be too high.
  17. orappa

    Whats next?

    Things go wrong, so nothing is confirmed until you actually play it. Remember that GTA3 contained multiplayer code that had been abandoned.
  18. They could stop people fighting by putting everyone on the same team and setting friendly fire to off.
  19. The SDK gives you the ability to compile your own DLLs. These DLLs will link with MTA to allow you to code your own game modes. I think you were thinking that the SDK would be an extension to the map editor, which it is not. It involves down-and-dirty C++ coding, which is not suitable for beginners.
  20. If it's possible for a cheat to do, it's possible to do it with the SDK.
  21. Yeah, and then it looks like crap in 3 years' time.
  22. W00t! Awesome! /me pushes his F5 button on the the blog page constantly Not yet...
  23. orappa


    I don't think there's anything that the team can do about that unfortunately.
  24. If you copy the radio stations to the hard drive, it won't have to read from the CD in-game.
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