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  1. I only ever play one game online (apart from MTA of course), and that is Tribes 2, one of the most underrated games of all time (IMHO).
  2. Team Speak is a system whereby you can issue commands and talk about tactics with fellow team mates via a microphone rather than the traditional keyboard. If you've ever played on a LAN in the same room as your team mates, you will understand the difference this makes.
  3. Sorry, what I meant was that the http://1-year.mtavc.com link doesn't work.
  4. Yeah, but that could have balancing issues, such as the fact that when I get 3 stars and the police start ramming me and shooting at me, the car doesn't really last very long. Of course, I could just be crap... Anyway, the modded cars would need to have more hit points. It would also discourage players from taking risks because they wouldn't want their beauty that they lovingly modified to become damaged in any way, and taking risks is what makes GTA fun. However, I do agree with you on the somewhat repetitive steal car, smash car, steal car gameplay.
  5. The site appears to be down, at the time of me posting this.
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