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  1. Well, its really quite busy at the moment here, we're still working hard on the editor too! We had a quiet period a for a couple of weeks, but over the last few days we've really got a load of good work done. As anyone who has worked on a mod will know, people's spare time (and motivation) can change a lot, without warning, so its really great when everyone is around and doing something. Sadly, we're not going to make a Christmas release, the editor is taking a bit longer than expected (what doesn't!), but the outcome is a new feature that has a huge amount of potential, so I think its worth it. The QA team have been working hard on some stuff to give you all as a Christmas present. You'll find out about a whole raft of features we've not yet announced or shown off. Hopefully it'll be done by Christmas day - watch this space!
  2. orappa


    We are giving you a second chance. That's why you're not banned. But please - stop posting these topics.
  3. SA-MP is architecturally different to MTA. Yeah, they'll probably do that, otherwise people won't buy it. They might make DX10 exclusive to Vista, which would mean that new games would require a Vista machine.
  4. If the map has objects that are visible from the start line, these will be streamed too. The spike in traffic is probably the loading of the other players on the map, which would explain why it doesn't spike when you're alone. I don't think people would like you stealing their maps btw...
  5. If we released it early to win back the community, we'd just lose more people due to the bugs. Another reason why it is taking a long time is because we are setting the format for the maps. We've got to get it right the first time because if it has to be changed later on, older maps will be incompatible and it will cause all kinds of problems.
  6. In Race, they only streamed the next 2 checkpoints to clients, to prevent someone from warping immediately to the finish line. I don't know what they do in DM. The maps are not downloaded though.
  7. The problem with that is that no-one on the team has access to a pre-release version of Vista. Even if they did, the number of people initially using Vista would be low compared to XP and if it took a lot of work to implement, it would not be worth delaying the mod for if only a small proportion of the community would benefit. There will be Vista support in later versions.
  8. orappa


    Could you give an example? i can't imagine which objects I mean things placed with the map editor. So if you place a hay bale on the map and someone knocks it over, everyone sees it.
  9. orappa


    No, but they plan to sync placeable objects later on.
  10. It's not the video itself, it's what the video showcases.
  11. When we release our video, they'll come back.
  12. orappa


    When they sync objects, I'd imagine that the bushes would be synced too.
  13. No, not in the first release.
  14. And on what did you base your assumption?
  15. Where did you get 3-5 months from?
  16. I'm pretty sure someone could easily create a script or program to convert them to DM format.
  17. Wojjie hosts this site, so if they went bankrupt we wouldn't be here.
  18. 1. We don't know. 2. It's a GTA limit.
  19. orappa

    MTA Client

    http://www.game-monitor.com/search.php?game=mta You can get them here.
  20. http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=15151
  21. Your computer will be processing the game data as well, so if you have a slow(ish) PC, this will raise your ping as it won't be able to send and receive data as quickly.
  22. Do you have any modifications for GTA installed? MTA will not work with them.
  23. You need to sync that though.
  24. Hey all, Just thought I'd post a quick note to say that things are picking up in the team a bit and we're making some good progress. We've changed how we're going to do the editor (not that you knew how we were planning to do it before, thats for another time!) hopefully making the process simpler and also reducing the amount of code we have to write thats specified to the editor. The side effect of this will be that we'll produce a couple of new features at the same time that'll be good fun in deathmatch. Not got much else to say yet - we'll have some big news fairly soon, once we've got the editor into beta I reckon. Until then, have a browse through the image gallery if you haven't already - the QA team put new images on frequently. Ed
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