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  1. That's an issue you directly have with the Mr Green server. I highly doubt you'll receive any help from the MTA Staff on this as they have no power over it.
  2. Great job Hydra! Love seeing the progress you've been making as a scripter and your overall dedication.
  3. There's a few ways you can accomplish this. You could maintain a log of when the player has logged in and compare against that to see if they logged in 3 consecutive days. Another way is only keeping track of the last login and a counter of consecutive days thus far. If the user logs in and their last login wasn't the day before you reset the counter, otherwise if they did you increase it. Obviously if they logged in earlier on that same day you don't modify the counter.
  4. As I was on holidays I didn't have a chance to respond to this topic yet. So, happy new year to everyone in the community and I hope it'll be a great year for all of you and for MTA itself as well.
  5. Well done to everyone who has contributed to this amazing release!
  6. Any examples of how this script is used to draw the text onto the screen? Why shouldn't I just load in the fonts myself and then use them? Basically I'd like to know what this script does to make this process easier and why it would be worth the 5 dollars. Nevertheless, good job!
  7. For that reason Sphene will also feature a compiler/decompiler directly build-in and in time a way to create SCM scripts using a in-game editor (like DYOM) that can be both run in Sphene and singleplayer. But with Sphene you could have the added benefit of being able to add a Co-Op experience on top of your missions. Naturally this is just something I'd love to see but that's not going to be finished for quite a while. NOTE: We are looking for a community manager to help us with building out our community and help us figure out said strategies.
  8. SCM is executed on the client and we have wrappers to allow us to interact with elements that have not yet been created on the server. Similarly those wrappers make it easier for us to keep behavior consistent. Not only do you have wait opcodes (which are easy as we use coroutines for this part) but SCM can actually render things as it's executed per frame (the airport text on the very start of the game is rendered this way) and therefore would seriously complicate things when running it on the server. When it comes to the possibilities of cheating, we're aware of that and will look for a possible solution when Co-Op gets implemented. The actual interpreting of SCM is only a very small part of what Sphene is as we have to recreate a huge amount of game logic to make this work. This is the part that is taking so long to do.
  9. Sphene first went into development in 2018 while I was in Project Beast as a simple experiment to see if SCM could be parsed in MTA and enough logic could be implemented to run it. This was the case and a simple test script was run (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBsQSw7B_XQ). Its development was slow at first but picked up significantly towards the end of 2020. Our current plan is have enough implemented to have a few fun/memorable missions working (Wrong Side of the Tracks, Breaking the bank at Caligula's, Black Project, etc...) and then open up a server that specifically allows you to try out these missions. Afterwards we keep continuing implement more logic and getting the entire storyline itself to work from start to end while further fixing issues and adding improvements after. Only after that stage will we introduce our ultimate goal which is adding a Co-Op experience on top of the storyline. We unfortunately are not able to estimate when this would happen due to the complexity of the project and the fact we have our real life obligations that at times can eat up more time than we'd like. Note: Sphene is going to be open sourced at some point. When this happens during the timeline described above I do not know yet. Also, I want to take the time to thank @GTX for all the contributions he has made to Sphene since the moment he joined the project back in 2018.
  10. This is indeed a regular Lua resource. It's also why for the time being we can't finish the cutscenes as we need object animation support for that. Sphene does have a standalone client as well (in a very early stage) that is focused on the Co-Op part alone.
  11. Sphene is a SCM Interpreter in development for Multi Theft Auto. It is capable of running the mission scripts and parsing many other game files in order to recreate the storyline, minigames and anything else the default game has within Multi Theft Auto. We will then add Co-Op on top of it. In this video you are able to see Sphene run the N.O.E mission with only very minor bugs (such as the radar sound not always working). We did not specifically target this mission but the more we are able to implement all the game logic the more parts of the game become available. This is the first mission to be fully playable from start to end.
  12. Well the part about Blender clearly suggests it's an issue with the model.
  13. And while it might be it's not something Multi Theft Auto should focus on supporting. There's a reason why it exists. Windows XP and Vista are simply not supported anymore by Microsoft and you should have updated already. If not, while fully up to you, you simply have to face the consequences of software no longer being compatible. This project won't be held back by such outdated technology.
  14. This person is running something known as "extended kernel" and according to the person who pulled this off there's even more steps. This seems like it would get highly unstable in no time and over time support will drop further and further in Chromium (and CEF itself). Perhaps you can still run Multi Theft Auto in a similar way but I highly discourage it. Helps to read further than just accepting the first thing you see as helping your case even if it doesn't.
  15. I'll let you in on a secret. That is not the latest Chromium version. Not even close.
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