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  1. If you're just looking for someone to do something for you, maybe this should be in the suggestions forum.
  2. Having each user who wants to view a random picture download a half a meg doesn't seem like a good idea! But I'm sure Blokker knew this already. HTH !
  3. Ugh, please don't post any more.
  4. Thanks a lot for capping it. Here is a super-mirror.
  5. There's no way of making it so you can kill people in one shot, as damage for each weapon is completely client side. Don't go accusing people of cheating just because you suck.
  6. If it freezes at that screen, it usually means it freezes right when it tries to load the text that goes on that screen. That usually means it's loading the original american.gxt and not the altered one, although I'm not sure how that could happen. Try reinstalling mta, I suppose.
  7. The ping is completely dependant on your connection to the server, and has nothing to do with the netcode. The 50% improvement is from the fact that the new version uses 50% of the bandwidth it did before.
  8. In the next version of MTA, you will be able to bind whatever key you want to use to save screenshots. Say "thank you, slush." Thank you, slush.
  9. Sony only has console exclusivity with the GTA serius until a few months from now, so probably, the next GTA will be on all of them.
  10. No warez, you dumb cock.
  11. Sintax

    MTA client...

    Already been discussed, it's in the next version.
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