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Server List Abuse Help

Report malicious servers here.

More and more servers are using disruptive server names, impacting the usefulness of the server browser search feature.

Below is a list of such servers that could face consequences if they do not stop abusing the search feature:


~~~~~~~~ KSA |Saudi BaseMode| KSA ~~~~~~~~~~~~esportporgtaegsaracdkr   

~~~~~~~~ KSA |Saudi HajwalaH| KSA ~~~~~~~~~~~~esportporgtaegsaracdkr

|FFS|Racing 24/7 DD/DM [serverdeals.org] For ? Sake! saesrpgvalhalladdcgmchlsrpgamenetzombie

~~~~~~KSA ~/3rB| SauDi Server HaJwAlH |3rB\~ KSA~~~~~~~~~esportgtahajwalahf~ncpsclandanger

[ADD][iG] -.:.:.RedBull.:.:.- Only [DM] 128player RED BULLFGHCNRKdarkepgrvsgmcxiiag

-M$P-Racing Server ~ DD/DM Only For Pro! hlsneonsgffsxiiivalahallagreenesports

| -[xXx]- | ClanWar Server | http://www.TripleX -Clan.ch.vu | epg,gmc,ddc,dmc,eports,exo,rpg,xiii,ffs

[CZ|SK|PL|EN] SMT #1 DD/DM | teamsmt.eu | mtasa.cz | derbyracepgffskchlsgmcddcvip

[GER/ENG]SPR Clanserver Race-|DD+DM| only [spr-clanserver,exo,epg,XIII,shc,kog,kekz,spg,neon,ag]

VIP Clan Server DD/DM [www.MAXRATE.PL] VIP POWER xss ppg dmz mec kekz[epg xiii] @ maxrate.pl

~~~~~~~~~|TWD| Clan server MouseX~~~~~~~~~DKRshcdmc100callofdutydefaultmtaserver

|-SHC//-| ~DD/DM~ | @www.SHCClan.de | saesrpgvalhallagmchlsrpgamenetzombie

-Xh- Clan DD/DM Server mta.webuda.com [24/7] [LT/EN] exoshcepgxiiisaeskekzvipmec

[GER/ENG]KekZ Race-ClanServer |DD + DM| [kekz-clan.ucoz.dekatazombiecodepgskcxiiivipffs]

~~~~~~~~ Polski Serwer 4FUN Race/DD/DM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ darkepgrvsgmcxiigetpagig5redbull

| -[xXx]- | DD/DM/RACE | http://www.TripleX -Clan.ch.vu | epggmcddcdmceportsexoracerpgxiiishcffs

[GER/ENG]~|SPG|~Freeroam 24/7 Best Only Free Happy New Year exo vip vio sga spr ddc epg german

VIP Clan Server DD/DM [WWW.MAXRATE.PL] VIP POWER xss ppg dmz mec kekz[epg xiii] @ maxrate.pl

~[ [xHoWx] Heroes OF WaR By ALGHAMDi @]~~~~eSportssaudiserverBaseModeGTAARgtapro

[DMC] DM/DD [24/7][www.dmc-clan.co.cc][No1servers]saesRPGBOSSValhallaDriftgamenet

[iG] Innovation Gaming Freeroam Server IG.FG.X5.RK.Redbull.epgskcxiirpgva

VIP Clan Server DD/DM [www.MAXRATE.PL] VIP POWER xss ppg dmz mec kekz[epg xiii] @ maxrate.pl

[GER/ENG]~|SPG|~Clanserver DD DM 24/7[HappyNewYear] exo vip sga xii epg ddc spr vio german

Abusive servers will be blacklisted from the masterlist. Offences include:

  • copying established server's names/server cloning
  • running multiple bogus servers that only redirect players
  • spamming the server browser with multiple unmaintained servers that serve no real purpose or which aren't different from each other in content (this is only acceptable out of maxplayers considerations)
  • multiple generic servers, to advertise something like a hosting company in the server name.
  • server names can be those that contain other popular server/clan tags, or multiple gamemode types in one word
  • Or anything else that is completely unrelated to the actual content of the server.

Evading the name alteration or serverbrowser blacklist/removal without removing the spam will be severely tutted against.

Post a complaint here by clicking "Ask a Question". Help is not guaranteed, and timely help is unlikely.

You should include:

  • Your ("real") server address and the server name, e.g.  mtasa:// - Default MTA Server
  • Abusive ("fake") server address and if possible, their server names. If there are too many servers, a screenshot is enough.
  • A screenshot is always useful! ONLY UPLOAD SCREENSHOTS TO https://imgur.com 


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