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  1. Marking this as solved upon request.
  2. Hi! Your thread has been moved to the Portuguese section so you can get better help in your native language. Please make sure to always use English when posting outside this language-specific section.
  3. Vinyard

    serial ban appeal

    Hi, Our policy regarding global ban-appeals and cheater reports has been changed as of 25th Jan 2023 and we no longer handle them. Your ban appeal topic has been therefore closed. If your ban is temporary, then please wait for it to expire and make sure to remove any traces of unwanted software (i.e. cheating tools, network interfering programs etc.) from your device. If your ban is permanent, please understand that we will not pursue this matter onwards as our decision has already been made and is not disputable. For additional information regarding these policy changes, please refer to this topic: Cheater Reports & Ban Appeals in 2023 From now on, please avoid posting about this issue around our community platforms as this will only lead to your account(s) receiving further administrative punishments.
  4. Hi, welcome to the forums! Your topic has been moved to the Portuguese scripting section. Please make sure to always use English when posting outside this language-specific section.
  5. Closing this as solved.
  6. Vinyard


    Hi, welcome to the forums! Please be more specific about the issue you're facing and the solutions you've already tried to fix it.
  7. Glad you've fixed your issue! Closing this as resolved.
  8. Hi, This is a problem that only they (the admins/the devs of that server) can provide support with and/or fix since this only occurs on their server. You're not the first person complaining about this particular server and about particular problems only occuring on this server, our recommendation is to consider finding somewhere else to play.
  9. Hi, welcome to the forums! If you're looking to appeal a global ban (issued by MTA and not by a particular server), then please read the following:
  10. Vinyard

    AC Kick

    Issue has been solved by OP.
  11. Hi, please see the message posted on our Discord server: https://discord.com/channels/278474088903606273/278548694377299988/1196922655606054973 Basically, it states:
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