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  1. @Kaikek we do not accept appeals for temporary bans, but for the record the ban is correct
  2. Tut


    The ban will not be removed
  3. We have already given you a final response on your other forum account and will not be having any debate with you (previous appeal https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/132196-ac-4-trainer/)
  4. Tut


    Temporary bans cannot be appealed, it is correct though
  5. The ban will not be removed
  6. This was the third time we temporarily banned you within a few months of each, no reason to shorten the ban
  7. I didn't use cheat on mta brother unban please I only have cheat for csgo provo the way you want



  8. Kam's doesn't export vertex normals, only smoothing groups. If you cannot resolve this by tweaking the model's smoothing groups, then you will need to use The Hero's DFF plugin instead. https://gtaforums.com/topic/838479-dff-importer-and-exporter-for-3ds-max/
  9. Tut


    I've had a reply saved for your appeal when I would reach it in the queue, but since you're in a hurry: The ban will not be removed
  10. Tut


    I have moved your duplicate appeal into the original, there is no need to create multiple appeals.
  11. The ban for cheating is correct
  12. We have banned you on two different occasions this year, and both are correct
  13. Banned for cheating, and it will not be removed
  14. Tut


    Banned for cheating, and it will not be removed
  15. It's too late to think about not cheating again - the ban will never be removed
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