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DODO DUEL - the movie


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This movie is based on a huge collection of footage that I have recorded (over 25 GB) from GTA3:MTA dodo duel events. I started it back in August of last year and since then I've been slacking off on it a lot, but yesterday I finally decided to finish it. :D

There is so much footage that you'll likely see yourself in there if you regularly play dodo duel.

I hope you enjoy it. Tell me what you think.

Dodo Duel

(thanks to Des for hosting)

edit: TGA mirror: http://www.tgahq.com/?do=dynamic&id=3096

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awesome footage of a great game. Everyone stick around for the last bit of footage, its the best.

Now that you all see how fun dodo dueling can be, learn the rules of the game HERE, learn to fly a dodo HERE , and join in!!

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just watched it.


2 thumbs up from me. that looked so f*cking fun.

the end was mad, when you swiped off like 4 people off the cliff and it showed them splash in the water..

when is the next dodo duel?

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when is the next dodo duel?

you can request a dd anytime you want by posting in that thread sloth linked to

@erorr lmfao awesome vid as expected xD

the scene at 2:53 is just hillarious, you llok at me, then look left, see the dodo pass, look back to where i was and im just... gone.

or my suicide jump on 3:50, cant stop watching it

that 4 man dk of you looked fantastic where you just saw them all go flying and some other dk's of you were also very nice :)

what i missed a bit was some clips of dodos getting shot-exploding but maybe it wasnt the last dodokilling vid ;)

nice editing too, the blur effect looked sweet while flying

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thanks for all of the reviews, im glad you enjoyed it :D

If it was a dodo duel why were the people just standing there waiting to get hit?

they werent. i can assure you that 100% of the footage is real, NONE of it was staged (with a couple of exceptions like the shot at the very end and the shot towards the end with slothman flying upsidedown trying to hit me).

many times in a dodo duel people dont pay attention and dont see the dodo coming until its too late. other times they dont move because they're focusing on doing as much damage as possible to it and want to get a good shot when its close.

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glad you guys enjoyed it :D

Edit: lol i thought it was the video that was 25 gigs well im downloading it now

the original files were huge, in all over 25 GB, but put together and rendered as a .wmv, its only 40 MB.

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