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  1. so you're down sugar? so far the people I have looking forward to this are: Myself [LCK]Stoku [LCK]Chris [LCG]Phillip nightvision Kanada rebel_36 SugarD-x (?) That's 8 possible people, so this is looking good! I'd be more than willing to get this going on MTA since we already have a very nice script made for it, but I don't have the funds for a server nor have contact with existing server owners to help set this up.. that's why I mentioned LU
  2. anyone interested in getting a meeting setup on Liberty Unleashed? There are always servers up (from the UK) and have decent enough scripts to spawn vehicles/people/guns.
  3. I just got GTA3 again and I have wanted to play it now for awhile. I downloaded the MTA Client 0.5 from the Wojjie server in the downloads section. I've re-downloaded it multiple times and for some reason the client lags. When I get in-game, the game hitches up every second repeatedly. My ping is in the 300-500's in the client and as high as 600 in game. It's not my connection, and it's not my firewall. I turned off my firewall, and my connection is fast enough and has gotten faster since the last time I played MTA. SA-MP runs perfect, low ping no lag. I turned the sound acceleration down just to see if that made a difference and it didn't. I also searched on this site for a related problem and all I could come up with is people having laggy servers when they host or something like that. Thanks for the help.
  4. Hey Rival, I'm trying to find a VC download aswell. I've went to a bunch of stores and could never find it to buy it. Right now I'm trying to my GTA3 to work again. I really miss those times, 0.3r2. I remember the first time I wanted to join KFC was when you and Villain were by the dock and we were fighting and one of you recommended for me to join. I went to Jupiter and he tested me out in the most retarded ways... asking me to roll the golf car on it's roof and some other stupid stuff... then I went and fought Kung and he told me to go to Gunny and Gunny tested me out and I was in. It was like in summer of 2004 or something way back. SA-MP may have a crapload of people playing it, but it will never be the same as MTA: VC.
  5. Rebel, you want to play this weekend? I'll re-install GTA3 if we have at least 7 people, we could DD or have a few RED vs BLU type games. I feel like playing Portland.
  6. Still doesn't work, but what scripts are you talking about deleting? I deleted all my scm's and scripts that I renamed for diffrent uses..
  7. It crashes everytime after it's done loading. Did I just do something wrong..?
  8. You're a total f*cking nub. Go roll down a hill with spikes at the end.
  9. dkasjdfl;kjl;kjlkdfjljk1!!1 You're are forbidden it tells me. BS!!!
  10. All I have to say is, don't give up. Keep going, and don't shutdown the gang. I use to have a gang named FUO. Back in 0.2.2, so that was awhile back. I bet my gang would of been huge by now, but I quit the gang. But, I'm now in a even bigger gang, so I guess it all works out. But I would of been a leader of a big gang, so all I have to say is don't give up and keep trying. Once LC-MP, VC-MP, and SA-MP hit the market, you'll get some members. And if you're really good players, maybe even Veterens or some new-uprising good players will join. Who knows?
  11. You don't know if I have or not. That information is classified .
  12. That's the post I would more of liked to see.. As for now, I'm sticking to VC-MP though. I hear SA is harder to get the 'buggyness' issue out with the glitching forward thing. Maybe MTA will fix it, I don't know. I will forever stick with VC-MP because I like LC. ;p
  13. True. Again, I will say VC-MP will totally kill GTA3's current Mutli-player. Just think of it, playing GTA3 LC in the Vice City engine with the most little possible lag you could imagine with all synced animations and more weapons then ever. More vehicles, all open, and the game won't lag as opposed to GTA3's game. GTA3 lags for most 'underdog' computers yet shouldn't lag in Vice City's mod LC. If MultiTheftAuto can get rid of the lag, and actually sync a few things I'll play their GTA3 version. GTA3 version, you have the following things in MTA: 1. Jump when fallen, escaping death. (If you time it right) 2. Poor aim, if you shoot somewhere no where near the person it still hits them, but you never saw any blood on your screen. 3. No verticle aim. 4. Buggy cars. 5. Buggy missions. 6. Land locked. (As in only one island to fight on, on one server) 7. Less weapons. 8. Occasional sliding. 9. Water circle around body when someone drowns. 10. Sky changing colors to aqua or pink. 11. Game engine being over-run. Blue cars, disco sky. 12. No weather. 13. Spawn wars. 14. Glitchy ass jump. 15. And SOO much more. Don't say Blue will fix all this shit either, as opposed to what I saw on the GTA:SA Video for San Andreas running on the Blue Engine, it sucked. Horribly, there was alot of buggy ass lagging situations. In VC-MP they suceeded in lowering the lag immeasurably. Dial-up laggers receive the most SMALL amount of lag, it'd look like broadband. All animations are synced. Now, GTA3 may have alot of the problems as I had said and more, because it's GTA3 possibly. But, you could of easily had a side-mod to where it's serverside to which Map Mod the person would want to run. Just like now, except it would be the Liberty City map mod for Vice City. GTA3 is so much better under Vice City. That's your mistake for all them problems which would be avoided. And Blue, I have no hope for. Seriously, it's been over a year now you've been making excuses of this. Average MTAPlayer complaining: Why does my game crash? MTA Dev or Mod/lover: Wait untill Blue comes out. YOU'VE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR HOW FUCKING LONG NOW?! The SA-MP Team started at the end of the year last year. Around November-January they started doing things. THEY'VE ALREADY DONE MORE THEN YOU PEOPLE. You've been able to have a great Online Mod since GTA3's first MultiPlayer came out. Which was around in 2002 am I right? You've had 3 fucking years and you've come up with this shit? Give me a break, MTA Devs aren't dedicated. Yes, they have 'lives'. But, alot of the members on the SA-MP Team are YOUNG. Kids, who are still in school! And they managed to get alot done with still having a lot going on in there own life. This 'Blue' is no excuse to not being able to release something better in 3 years.
  14. GTA 3 is dying. Only 14 people are playing right now. It had a great run, and I don't think there will be something worked with it until after blue. AFTER BLUE? Dude, GTA3 is old and it's dead. MTA isn't going to mess with it anymore. After blue, that will be probably CHRISTMAS or something even later. 0.5 was released by Christmas and look how far MTA has got, give it a couple months and it will be 0.5 all over again.
  15. Jon, MTA's GTA3 is going to be dead. No hope left for it, I just have hope for VC-MP's LC MP.
  16. And it's.. okay even with the short amount of GTA3 Players. Not that big of a challange as it use to be to kill people anymore. Not alot of good'ns.
  17. Yeah, I got hopes for this. Taking a long time though. edit: The LC Screens look like crap, way to bright and 'happy'. LC is way more darker and grittier.
  18. Yeah the less amount of cars suck, but the disco lights still happen lol. Have no fear, for LC-MP will be here!!
  19. No, Shady. Sometimes planes just don't blow up, which would suck for Dodo Duels. Sometimes they blow up and don't disapear. Sometimes they stick in the water like a mini-island. Blame MTA. rofl
  20. Only bad things with Portland: -- To many nubs. -- No auto-matic spawn. -- Less vechicles, but I guess it's better for the games engine. Easier on it you know? -- The character spawn, but I still want Fido as a spawn.
  21. Yeah that's nuts, how did you plan that out/how many tries? edit: Also, very good movie. I loved it, great editing, great musics, great stunts.
  22. This was never a problem, it works just fine on the PS2 and same for PC. Only diffrence is the camera moves faster on PC.
  23. Ahem, k00ner you said AA wasn't all gayh like before.. all good and shit? WTF was Scar hiding in our memberlist as [KFC]Mov3d? I don't think I can trust AA's word again.
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